Recruitment Tools- Everything with What, Why & Which

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Recruitment Tools- Everything with What, Why & Which

In the world of business, employees are the most basic and important aspects. They are the ones who make or break a company. It is for this reason why proper hiring strategies and procedures must be a top priority. This means the HR Department must appoint the best which ticks all the boxes.

Such work requires a lot of research and hence the requirement for proper Recruitment Tools. Here to help you choose wisely today, we present you with everything about Recruitment Tools for 2020!

Recruitment processes are hard in every organization, no matter how good the employer brand is. This is because you must find the right blend of competence and personality to fit your workplace culture. This means going through tens and hundreds of resumes, if not thousands.

What’s worse is that the job doesn’t end there. You still have to take interviews, tests, HR rounds, etc. In scenarios like this, the help of digital tools goes a long way. So, why not capitalize on it?

Let’s talk about Recruitment Tools for today.

What are Recruitment Tools

By definition, these help in automating and streamlining the process of hiring. This is by generating interest, screening resumes, conducting interviews, and hiring employees.

In reality, these tools or recruitment software are the best assistants to all HR personnel. This is because of their immense help in the hiring process. They assist the entire flow of a hiring procedure thereby optimizing productivity with minimum effort.

Types of Recruitment Tools

Based on their different usage, recruitment tools can be further understood well in these sections.

1. Job Aggregators

These are the tools that act as a job board. They advertise jobs where hires are made on a company’s hiring policy. Examples of these tools or career sites are Indeed, Naukri, Careerbuilder, etc.

2. Testing & Assessment

These tools are used to assess a candidate’s ability in the hiring process. It can test a vast array of attributes like skills, aptitude, personality, behavioral characteristics, etc. The examples of these tools are HackerRank, Pymetrics, Self Management Group, etc.

3. AI and Automation

These recruitment tools are based on AI and mostly preferred because of their automated process of hiring. AI and Automation hiring tools can screen candidates, analyze data, enable virtual chat, etc. Example of these tools are Textio,, Ideal, etc.

4. Applicant Tracking System

An Applicant Tracking System or ATS is another helpful automated recruitment system. This is because of their database assistance to recruiters in talent acquisition. Examples of these tools are Naukri RMS, Zoho Recruit, Talent Recruit, etc.

5. Recruitment CRM

These tools help the HR Departments build up and maintain a relationship with the candidates in the hiring process. These relationship-building tools are very helpful in social recruiting. Some of the examples of these recruitment tools are SmashFly, Yello, Avature, etc.

6. Video Interviewing

These tools enable video interviewing while taking into account various factors. It can be facial expressions, choice of words, voice tonality, etc. Some of these examples are HireVue, VidCruiter, Wepow, etc.

Why you need Recruitment Tools

1. Screening Candidates

There are various factors when it comes to screening qualified candidates. These can be skills, mentality, experience, personality, etc. Because this can be a lengthy process, so it is essential to simplify things.

Recruitment tools can screen tons of candidates based on your predetermined factors with ease.

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2. Engagement

Interviews can design a very tense moment for candidates. This tension can often harm their interview.

To erase this tension, recruitment tools help in the engagement process of hiring. This makes it a less intimidating process. By doing this, it helps the candidates ease up which enables hiring managers to pitch the job effectively.

3. Candidate reach

One of the other utilities of these tools is their ability to pitch companies and jobs to top-performing employees via mail. These tools can send out automated mail about a job posting that helps build your company image and spark curiosity.

4. Feedback

Feedbacks are crucial because they help in the development process. These hiring tools help gather effective feedback on the process from candidates.

5. AI Video Interviews

This is yet another particularly fantastic section of hiring tools. While real-time video interviews have been common for long, these tools take it up a notch.

AI Video Interviews by these tools take into account almost every move of a candidate. For example, facial expressions, patterns of speech, choice of words, etc. These can very well miss a human eye but not a well-oiled machine.

Recruitment tools help recognize these patterns thereby assisting in a well-informed decision.

Importance of Recruitment Tools

Of the many importance that recruitment management software provides, the following are some of its most notable ones.

1. Accuracy

A well functioning tool helps filter accurate parameters in the hiring process. This helps eradicate human error and boost accuracy with better employee productivity.

2. Saves time

A human can only do so much work, but not machines. While an HR can screen a limited number of resumes in a talent pool, these tools can go through a ton. This saves time and shortens the process.

3. Cost-effective

Recruitment tools are very cost-effective given the number of purposes they serve. What’s even better is that there are also free tools in the market as well.

Examples of these are Crystal, Gorgias Templates, SourceHub, ContactOut, etc.

4. Efficient

Because these tools are automated, they are extremely efficient in filtering potential candidates. This can be well understood by these tool’s response time, replies, effective communications, etc.

5. Consistency

Consistency is an attribute required in every work. Hiring tools are incredibly consistent in their way of work. While an HR executive may have inconsistency despite many efforts, a well-serviced recruitment tool won’t.

This is a fact that can be seen by how these tools remove variables and maintain a similar process of work.

So, we have now established what are recruitment tools and their importance in the hiring process.

Let’s move ahead towards the question of which.

Below is a compilation of the recruitment tools that you must-have for an effective hiring process in 2020.

The Best Recruitment Tools of 2020

The list you are here for.

1. Harver

  • Capterra Review: 5/5 (7 Reviews)
  • Industries Most Suitable For: Consumer Brand Products, Customer Service, Tech and Software, BPO
  • Features: Tests, Candidature Comparison, Automatic Grading System, Candidate Management
  • 24/7 Support: Available

Harver is an AI-powered tool that filters candidates based on their aptitude, cultural fit, soft skills, and ability to think ahead. This is one of the most sought-after tools because of its customizations for different job descriptions.
These include videos, graphical images, games, etc.

The pricing of this tool varies from company to company and is determined by the number of times used.

For more information on the tool, visit their website.

2. Interview Mocha

  • Capterra Review: 4.5/5 (28 Reviews)
  • Industries Most Suitable For: Small and Medium Sized Businesses
  • Features: Custom Tests, Candidature Comparison, Automatic Grading, Candidature Management
  • 24/7 Support: Available for standard business hours

Interview Mocha is more of an assessment tool to screen the best talent available. The tests score candidates on aptitude, coding, business skills, finance, etc.

This tool accommodates more than a 1000 different templates to test candidates. You can also add customized questions for better results.

The pricing of this tool follows various pricing models. These can be on the number of uses, test taken, customized tests, etc.

You can learn more about Interview Mocha on its official website.

3. Vervoe

  • Capterra Review: 4.5/5 (54 Reviews)
  • Industries Most Suitable For: All
  • Features: Feedback Management, Session Recording, Interview Management, Assessment and Scoring
  • 24/7 Support: Available

Vervoe is an AI tool that scores candidates based on their customized tests and related job skills. It uses tests called Talent Trails designed by Industry-experts which makes it one of the most favorites. These include skill tests, video interviews, and coding assessments.

Vervoe sets the pricing for its product based on the number of hires you accommodate in a given year.

Visit Vervoe’s website for more on their features.

4. The Predictive Index

  • Capterra Review: 5/5 (1 Review)
  • Industries Most Suitable For: All
  • Features: Tests, Behavioral Assessments, Custom Interview Questions
  • 24/7 Support: Available for standard business hours

Predictive Index scores the candidates through its behavioral, job skills and cognitive assessments. One of the main utilities of this tool is its collaboration with several HR consultants.

This tool is one of the widely used in its field with more than 60 years of experience, 6500+ clients, and over 27 million assessments.

Pricing of the Predictive Index is available as per request.

For more information on this tool, visit their website.

5. VidCruiter

  • Capterra Reviews: 4.5/5 (90 Reviews)
  • Industries Best Suited For: All
  • Features: Practice Interview Sessions, Panel Interviews, Live-Video Interviews, Pre-Recorded Messages, Assessment and Scoring
  • 24/7 Support: Available

VidCruiter is a recruitment tool with a host of its products to help you further in your hiring process. The uniqueness of this tool is its well-designed video interview platform with digital and audio interviews.

VidCruiter follows a flexible pricing model based on its client requirements.

You can learn more about this tool on VidCruiter’s official website.

6. Pymetrics

  • Capterra Review: 1/5 (1 Review)
  • Industries Most Suitable For: All
  • Features: Online tests and Interviews, Candidature Comparison, Candidature Management, Candidate Insights
  • 24/7 Support: Available for standard business hours

Here is a creative alternative to traditional recruitment tools using proven neuroscience and a strong AI. Pymetrics uses a well-planned out series of games to test and understand a candidate’s many abilities. These include the ability to handle risk, cognitive abilities, behavioral aspects, etc.

Another one of the awesome features of this tool is its candidate experience. If you reject a candidate in Pymetrics, he/she still has a chance to automatically match for another job with an HR using Pymetrics. This feature acts as life-saver employee referrals.

The pricing model of this tool is available on request.

Understand more about this amazing tool on their official website.

7. HireVue

  • Capterra Review: 4.4/5 (35 Reviews)
  • Industries Most Suitable For: All
  • Features: Panel Interviews, Live Video Interviews, Interview Session Recording, Interview Management
  • 24/7 Support: Available

HireVue is a game-changer in this segment. It designed the first video interview platform that redefined the field. It is still one of the best in its class with a vast array of assessment tools. The tool uses a fairly strong combination of traditional and modern methods with games to screen competence.

The pricing of HireVue is available on request.

You can study more about this tool on its official website.

8. SparkHire

  • Capterra Review: 4.7/5 (73 Reviews)
  • Industries Most Suitable For: All
  • Features: Feedback Management, Assessment and scoring, Live Video Interview, Self-Service Portal
  • 24/7 Support: Available

SparkHire can be addressed as the king of the current video interview platforms. This is because it accompanies a host of different features in scheduling and assessing talent. It also puts together a large number of case studies about human resources which is helpful as well.

The pricing model of SparkHire is categorized under monthly and annual plans.

Discover more of this tool on their website.

9. Hoops

  • Capterra Review: 5/5 (2 Reviews)
  • Industries Most Suitable For: All
  • Features: Candidate Tracking, Onboarding, Candidate Screening
  • 24/7 Support: Available for standard business hours

Hoops is a recruitment tool that combines assessment and engagement in the hiring process. This tool designs a personalized user interface that attracts, engages and filters top performers to the next rounds.

This is one of the best tools because other than attracting talent, it encourages engagement which builds long-term commitments.

The pricing model of Hoops is available on request.

You can learn more about Hoops on their website.

10. HackerRank

  • Capterra Review: 4.5/5 (32 Reviews)
  • Industries Most Suitable For: Tech and Software
  • Features: Custom test, Candidate Management, Aptitude Assessment, Question Library
  • 24/7 Support: Available

This is one of the widely-used recruitment software in the Tech Industry because of its superior tests on developer skills. Hacker Rank is used by over 1000 tech companies around the world.

The pricing model of this tool follows a 14-day free trial and a premium version after that.

You can learn more about this tool on its official website.

There you have it and so ends the list of best recruitment tools for 2020.


We all need a little help along the way to succeed. After all, that’s why it’s called teamwork. And with the onset of the digital world, who says the help needs to be human?

The age of AI is around us and better things are still yet to come into the Recruitment process. As of now, these tools are the ones carrying the torch.

Finally, an inspiring quote to bring this towards an end.

“You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world…but it requires people to make the dream a reality.”
– Walt Disney

Keep Hiring with High Spirits!

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