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10 Admirable Qualities Of A Good Employee

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Last Updated on 28 January, 2021
10 Admirable Qualities Of A Good Employee

There is no dearth of talents in today’s scenario. Every person has a better skill set than the next. Hiring has become extremely complex and competitive, to say the least. So, what qualities of a good employee should you look out for when you hire employees?

An ideal employee would be the one who fits in your company culture as well as the core values that your organization represents. The right employee in the right position would bring in a lot of positive changes to the possible. However, the wrong one could easily disrupt your time, money, and resources.

To help you find the right employee for your company, here is our list of qualities of a good employee that we look out for:

10 Qualities Of A Good Employee That Every Manager Should Encourage


1. Passionate

Employees who are passionate are engaged employees. Passion is the trait that really makes a difference in an employee doing quality work and his commitment to the company.

An employee lacking the passion for the job might get the work done. But the difference will be seen in the employees’ long term performance. A dispassionate employee, sooner or later, show signs of lacking motivation and decreased productivity.

So, how exactly do you recognize employees whoa re passionate? According to a survey from Deloitte, passion consists of these three aspects:

  • A long term, goal-oriented commitment to a specific domain.
  • Always seeking knowledge from new challenges.
  • A tendency to form strong, trust-based relationships.

2. Strong Work Ethic

Every ideal employee has enviable work ethics. An employee with a strong work ethic will be hard-working, dedicated, and determined to deliver their best work on time.

When an employee has a positive approach towards work, they’ll require less management to get the job done. It also becomes easier for managers to delegate tasks to the team if the team members display a strong sense of work ethics.

A good set of work ethics will make the difference between a top performer and an average employee. If you hire employees with years of experience but no work ethics it will only be a liability to you.

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3. Honest

Honest employees aren’t afraid to voice their opinions, ideas, and frustrations without letting it disrupt the work environment. Some managers might find such employees tiresome but consider the alternative. When employees aren’t forthcoming they are most likely to take these internal frustrations and turn it into office gossip.

However, honest employees are so much more than that. Among the list of qualities of a good employee is to hold the highest standards of conduct as part of everyday activities. Such employees represent a strong commitment to ethics and integrity of doing work.

Ideally, company culture should place honesty and transparency among one of its major agendas.

4. Confident

The value of a self confident employee is a little underrated. Without confidence, human performance is relegated to untapped potential. Without confident employees, there is no action and no influence. Employers benefit from confident employees because they are:

  • Good contributors as they are more open.
  • Are effective communicators.
  • Good motivators
  • Make for great role models.

Confident employees are crucial to customer-focused roles. Ultimately, it will hugely affect your brand perception.

5. Ambitious

Ambitious employees are somewhat trickier to manage. On one hand, ambitious employees display all the qualities of a good employee. They deliver great performances, innovate, and are incredibly dedicated to their job.

On the other hand, ambitious employees are even harder to retain. It means making drastic changes to company culture, career advancement, and benefits package. Thus, if you want to keep such a great employee, you need to provide a work environment that helps them thrive.

6. Team Player

The teams are what make your business function. And teams need reliable team members to perform at its optimum. When employees share responsibilities, it becomes crucial that everyone holds up their end of the job.

A great employee might show incredible individual results but not be a satisfactory team player. An employee who refuses to cooperate fully with his team is not only lacking an important skill set but also missing out on necessary camaraderie.

Ultimately, a good team will produce results than far outweigh what each team member could produce themselves.

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7. Critical Thinkers

Great employees exhibit the necessary critical thinking skills. Thinking critically is the skill set of looking at a problem and coming up with a logical solution. Generally, this is done by reviewing different perspectives and possible solutions. Employees with such critical thinking skill sets:

  • Ask the right questions.
  • Identify business strengths and weaknesses for the long term.
  • Are able to identify problems, and provide helpful solutions.
  • They are great out-of-the-box thinkers.
  • Never miss out on the important details.

Organizations find that when they hire employees with strong critical thinking skills they are identified as assets.

8. Action Oriented

Hire employees who are most likely to take initiative and display leadership skill sets. Action oriented employees are ambitious, confident, and are always looking to innovate.

Every now and then organizations need someone to go above and beyond their job. Action oriented employees thrive on planning and doing all it takes to get the job done.

9. Good Communication Skills

Having good communication skills is certainly one of the most important qualities of a good employee. Having a good set of communication skill sets can often set candidates apart while hiring.

Employees who communicate effectively with managers, team members, and customers are truly ideal employees. Proper communication skill sets are about having:

  • Oral communication skills.
  • Listening skills.
  • Written communication skills.
  • Presentation skills.
  • Showing integrity and valuing others’ opinions.

10. Accountability

Reliable people make ideal workers. An accountable employee will take charge of his work, actions, and results. The reason they make for great employees is that managers can assign or delegate tasks to them without fear. Most often, reliability also makes them ambitious employees as they tend to get things done.

Finally: Necessary Employee Recognition

However, don’t take this list as your only source of qualities of a good employee that you should look for. Different organizations have different core values. An ideal employee at your company might not be that great in another. It’s up to you to decide which qualities should your organization honor.

Once you’ve identified those who fit the qualities of a good employee, be sure to appreciate them for a job well done. Reward and recognize achievements with shout-outs, awards, bonuses, or other employee benefits.

Do tell us in the comments below about what would you consider to be the best qualities of a good employee?

This article is written by Barasha Medhi who is a part of the marketing team at Vantage Circle. Barasha can be found either searching for interesting HR buzzwords to write about or looking at pictures of cozy Bel Air mansions. For any related queries, contact