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Effective and Simple Tips for a Happy Workplace

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Last Updated on 28 January, 2021
Effective and Simple Tips for a Happy Workplace

There is a 31% rise in productivity when your organization has happy employees.

As an employer it is hard to oversee such an important statistic when productivity comes into play.

Having happy employees in the organization is only possible when you create a happy workplace. A working environment where every employee looks forward to coming back to.

Big names in the corporate world have learned that fostering a fun and learning environment has always led them to success. They have unlocked the key to employee happiness. Happy employees are loyal, satisfied and show dedication in what they do. When employees are happy, it naturally has a direct impact on your bottom line.

I know it is easier said than done.

Creating a happy workplace requires a good amount of time and strategy that works for everyone in the organization. This article can be used as your quick go-to guide on tips for building a happy workplace.

6 Tips to a Happy Workplace

1. Recognition on the Loop

A Gallup survey has revealed that employees are likely to quit the organization if they are not recognized adequately. Increasing the rates of employee turnover. A situation every organization tries to avoid because they are extensive and costly at the same time.

Such circumstances can be avoided if your organization practices the art of recognition well. And with the rise in workplace stress, it has become vital that you provide the necessary recognition for all the efforts that your employees put in their work. When you acknowledge your employee’s efforts they feel valued and it generates a sense in them that they are doing the right work.

This will not only help you to keep them happy and satisfied but it also builds loyalty in your employees.

2. Meaningful Work

For your employees to become proficient in their work, they first need to understand what exactly is expected from them. They need to go through the entire structure of the workflow and resort to what suits the best for them.

When your employees find meaning in their work they are more likely to excel in what they do. And to do this, it is important that you delegate them with the right task. Along with that, be clear about what is expected of them and how they can help the organization in improving the bottom-line.

The more interest they gain in their jobs the better it is for you to create an environment where employees become enthusiastic about their work.

3. Rest Places at Workplace

Let us admit, we have all felt exhaustion at one point of time during work hours. That can pose a threat to productivity and engagement. When employees feel exhausted at work they are more prone to not invest their time in their jobs.

A good solution to that will be planning out programs where your employees can take out time to rest. You can provide a dedicated space for your employees where they can take rest for an hour or so and rejuvenate their energy for the rest of the day. Investing in plans like these will not only improve your company culture but it will also make you stand out from your competitors. And there are higher chances that your employees will be happy and satisfied with their working environment increasing employee engagement.

Thus leading to a happy workplace where everyone loves to work and dedicate their time towards the goals and visions of the organization.

4. Emphasizing on Psychological Safety

Psychological safety is a shared belief that the employees and team members are open about admitting mistakes, experimenting with new things and speaking up without being embarrassed.

When you come to think of an environment like that, it proves to be quite crucial. A workplace where psychological safety is practiced becomes more transparent and employees feel more connected with their work. They are open to trying out new ways to complete their tasks and do not refrain from discussing it out with their peers. A sense of autonomy increases, dependency on others decreases and the employees become more innovative.

Such environments lead to a happy workplace because employees are able to push themselves to unknown limits. There is always learning in that process and employees are always subjected to new experiences in the long run.

5. Game Time

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, we all know how true this proverb is. Piling up an employee’s desk with too much work will create tremendous pressure. Leading to an increased rate of stress in the workplace and a rise in burnout levels.

However, you can change that by reducing the amount of work and providing them some time for an active gaming session. Giving them a much-needed break between work is quite essential. Not only will it reduce their stress but it will also help them become physically fit. With gaming sessions on the cards, you are likely going to provide them an environment where they can bond well with other employees. This, in turn, will make them feel more purposeful at their workplace and increase productivity.

Leading to job satisfaction and increasing happiness at work.

6. Work-Life Balance

The quality of life is changing with time and with that, it has become necessary to maintain a good balance between personal and professional life. Work-life balance is a driving factor when it comes to employees being satisfied with their jobs.

If you, as a manager, want to obtain a happier workplace then it is essential that you encourage people in your organization to maintain a good work-life balance. How employees feel about the organization all depends on how much you support them in the long run. Provide them the opportunity to work from home, including flexibility in the schedule and much more.

Doing positive things for your employees which helps them to maintain their work-life balance will bear positive results for you. Your employees will be more loyal, enthusiastic, dedicated and push themselves to achieve the goals of the organization.

Summing it up

Organizations need to understand that keeping their employees happy is one of the most important tasks that they need to focus upon. Achieving a happy workplace can be an extensive task but in the long run, it has positive results. A happy workplace means happy employees. And with your employees happy within the organization, they are more likely to be morally boosted, loyal and highly motivated.

So, invest strategically in your plans to create a healthy and happy workplace that will make you stand out from your competitors.

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