8 Work From Home Tips To Maximize Your Productivity

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8 Work From Home Tips To Maximize Your Productivity

When you are working from home, you have enough flexibility to do your job. But this luxury can often turn into a missed opportunity if not planned accordingly. They say work from home can be your litmus paper to your productivity. Also, many would argue over the fact that it needs intrinsic motivation to perform your tasks efficiently and deliver at the right time when you are working from home. But this is not necessarily true. You do not lose productivity because of that but not getting your basics right.

When you work from home, you are more likely to step out of your home and go through a typical adult routine. Also, not getting the right sleep or binge eating might be the reason behind your lack of motivation when you are working from home.

And also, sweat pants are great but may not help in your productivity if you wear it for 48 hours straight.

Therefore, to maximize productivity, you must get your basics right and follow a routine and avoid compulsions.

Here are the 8 tips that will help you get going when you are working from home.

1. Get Ready for Your Work Day

Yes, get ready for your work as you usually do. Plan your day and tasks that you have to finish and follow a systematic approach to get it done. Casual dress or pyjamas are great, and they give you comfort and a sense of freedom. But donning sweatpants may not help in your productivity if you wear it for 48 hours straight. Our brains are programmed in a way that it takes cues from our social and personal outlook while making a decision. When you dress up for your work, you give the brain a reason for doing it. It’s like a real alarm that can keep you alert throughout the day.

2. Take Breaks! You’ll Be More Productive

Do not drain your brain muscle by constantly sitting in one place for work. The stress you can get hold of you anywhere. Therefore, move around, do some exercises and keep yourself active throughout the day.

Take breaks at definite intervals, walk around, play with your dog or maybe listening to some music. It is purely scientific, your prefrontal cortex (the thinking part of the brain), needs breaks to avoid decision fatigue and to maximize productivity as well as boost your creativity.

Therefore, before you run out of your energy, make conscious breaks at specific intervals to rejuvenate your body and mind. You may also take short naps, move around or do breathing exercises to be more mindful and productive throughout the day.

3. Minimize Distractions

Work from home is a great perk that you can have, but it also brings some unwanted disturbances. You might get distracted by the television running in the background or family members doing their daily rituals or your kids goofing around. Remember this video?

You can also easily be distracted by social media notifications that keep buzzing now and then. And it is not easy to not get distracted. Therefore, you can put your work station in a quieter place and also use your break time to surf through the notifications or to spend time your family.

4. Create a To-do list

Creating a to-do list would allow you to keep track of your progress efficiently. Also, that gives you a map to follow. You can then choose to do the more critical tasks in your more productive hours. When you are working from home, you would also have other personal commitments. Therefore, creating a to-do list would make your life easier and productive.

5. Eat and Sleep, Right

The right food can keep your energy high, and good sleep can rejuvenate your body and mind. Eat food that helps you function better and not drain your energy. Those extra burgers may not help you much in your productivity.

Your sleeping routine might take a toss when you work from home. Maintain a strict routine to get enough sleep. Go to bed in a definite time and try to wake up accordingly. When your working from home, you might try to get some extra sleep. But it doesn’t add much to your productivity. Resist the temptation to oversleep and start you daily early.

When your work-life is demanding, it keeps you awake at odd hours, even when you are working from home. Try to take short naps if that is the case.

6. Track Your Time

Keep track of how you spend every hour of your day when you are working from home. Self-tracking lets you understand when you are more productive and also where you are wasting your precious time. Chances are you will find out where you lose precious workday energy (social media, web surfing, chatting, etc.).

Prioritizing and also scheduling your work can give you the best results.

7. How are you Communicating?

Everyone works differently, from your teammates to your managers. Therefore, to share information and getting everyone on the same page is often difficult.

You all might have different work schedules, and that can make things a bit difficult to manage. But the good part is that there are tools that can take care of this problem.

You can use applications such as Slack or video conferencing services like Zoom to connect to your teammates, conduct group meetings and stay updated., Also, Zoom’s screen-sharing feature can help everyone be on the same page, give feedback and throw ideas.

8. Most importantly, Do Exercise

One way to increase productivity at work is to be proactive. And regular exercise can help you be that. You increase blood flow to the brain while you exercise, which will help to sharpen your mind and keep you alert. Try to take some time out and exercise, even it is for 15 minutes. Move your muscles or go for a long walk, whatever is feasible for you. When you work from home, you might not get the motivation to do it regularly.

But making it into a habit would give you immense benefits that you would be grateful for in the future. You would start seeing the difference it makes. You would feel more active throughout the day and be more focused and productive in your work.

Over to you!

To all, who are working remotely, we hope the above tips help you boost your productivity. Also, do tell us the tips and ideas that help you keep going in the comment section below.

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