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35 Positive Feedback Examples For Employees

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When delivered in a thoughtful and empathetic manner, employee feedback has the power to enhance the relationship between you and your people. But, given that you're searching for "positive feedback examples," I'm guessing you already are aware of that.

In layman's terms, positive feedback is the process through which one person recognizes and appreciates another person's accomplishments.

The positive feedback mechanism is perhaps one of the most powerful ways to make employees feel valued and that their contributions matter. It is also a foolproof way to connect, build rapport, and strengthen the relationship with your employees or team members.

But for a leader or manager, it can often be hard to frame the positive feedback in a way that is appreciative as well as meaningful. If you are someone who is facing this very dilemma, don't worry. We have you covered.

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35 Positive Feedback Examples That Are Perfect For Performance Reviews (And More)

A list of some incredibly positive feedback examples could be the missing piece you're looking for to truly amp up your current employee performance review process. If you're at a loss for how to frame your feedback in the best possible way, here are a few ideas from our end:

Good Work

Timely feedback can mean the difference between an engaged and disengaged employee. When employees believe that their work is important, they become more loyal to the company.

That is why, if you see someone doing a good job, try to express your appreciation as soon as possible. Here are some positive feedback examples to help you get started:


1. Your input to today's meeting was a game-changer for this project. I see how invested you are in the project's success and the extra effort you put in to complete it on time. I admire your dedication and believe you have a bright future ahead of you.

2. I am truly impressed with how you have managed to meet every goal set before you. To be honest, I wasn't sure you'd be able to finish all of these tasks on time, but I'm glad you proved me wrong. It is not an exaggeration to say that you are a tremendous asset to this team.

3. Consistency is one of your biggest strengths. I can always count on you to treat all of your tasks with importance while also recognizing the value of prioritizing. Keep up the good work!

4. You did a great job with your presentation today. It brought to light some important points that we were overlooking, and the data revealed our strengths and weaknesses. It has certainly aided in making everyone understand where our priorities should be going forward. We certainly hope to see more great initiatives from you in the future.

5. We sincerely appreciate your prompt response in resolving this unexpected issue. Your willingness to take risks and make quick decisions helped us in averting a major business crisis. We are grateful to have such a talented and perceptive person on our team.

6. Your meticulous attention to detail has not gone unnoticed. Your ability to spot errors and inconsistencies has significantly improved the quality of our work.

7. Your creativity and innovative approach to solving problems have significantly contributed to the success of our project. Keep bringing your fresh ideas to the table!

Team Player

It is easy to be a lone star employee. It is difficult to be an intuitive, empathetic, and kind person who can work well in a group. If you have someone like this on your team, here are some positive feedback examples to help you understand how to recognize your people:


1. I appreciate the fact that you have been covering Tim's work since he went on vacation. What distinguishes you is that you don't just do the work for the sake of doing it; instead, you strive to make it as perfect as possible. You make the team stronger than it was before. Keep up the good work.

2. When I say you are an excellent point of contact for the team, I know I speak for the entire team. Thank you for your efforts in keeping everyone on the same page, assisting other team members in prioritizing their tasks, explaining any complexities before moving forward with any project, and, most importantly, helping others whenever possible. This is what makes you a valuable asset not only to the team but also to our company.

3. I really appreciated your efforts to keep every team member up to date on your tasks. It also encourages your team to make more informed decisions and to be more accountable to the team. Thank you for promoting such strong collaborative values. It is an essential part of our company's culture.

4. I admire your ability to be a great team player as well as a strong cross-collaborator. Your recent cross-collaboration project received a lot of positive feedback from other teams. I learned that you made certain that all members of both teams were aware of the roles they would be playing. But, more importantly, you ensured that everyone had the opportunity to express their ideas. Everyone much appreciates your "team player" attitude!

5. It is commendable that you acted as a mediator in the recent conflict involving your team members. You were the voice of reason that kept things from blowing out of proportion. You're doing an excellent job of being a team player on whom everyone can rely. Great job!


Milestones are events that can be looked back on with fond memories of accomplishing something extraordinary. As a manager or leader, don't pass up opportunities to congratulate and celebrate with your employees when they achieve something great. Here are a few meaningful positive feedback examples to help you find the right words:


1. Your idea was the one that sparked the start of the new project and had an extremely positive impact on our business results. Your proactive approach is a rare but extraordinary quality that strengthens our team. I know it's not easy to take risks and speak out, but I admire you for doing so. Thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty.

2. Congratulations on finishing this challenging project on record time, Alice. Given the project's tight deadline and additional complexities, it's truly amazing to see how you collaborated with different teams to fast-track your part. I'd like to thank you for all of your consistent hard work.

3. I've seen you grow tremendously in the three years you've been working with us, Henry. I've watched you transform from a shy person to someone who commands attention in a room. Everyone on your team respects you for being a kind, helpful, and skilled individual, and they are not wrong. It has been a pleasure to work with you, and I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds for you.

4. Amy, congratulations on your new position. You've always shown up and stayed to help, even when things got tough. Your fighting spirit and never-say-die attitude are infectious. If anyone deserves this promotion, it's you. I'm really looking forward to seeing what great changes you bring to the team. Best wishes!

5. The goals you set for yourself this quarter were certainly ambitious, but what's even more impressive is that you managed to meet them all. You are the ideal employee that every manager wishes. I expect to see more such initiatives in the future. Outstanding work!

Customer Favorite

The ultimate goal of (almost) every business is to attract and retain customers. Some employees appear to go above and beyond to support you in meeting this goal. For these people who are the customer-favorites, here are some positive feedback examples to brighten their day:


1. We received positive verbal feedback from one of your clients, who stated that you were instrumental in assisting them with product implementation and ensuring that everyone was on the same page. You were crucial in dealing with all of the questions patiently and consistently delivering on your promises. We couldn't be prouder of you. Excellent work, John!

2. I could see that you have been working tirelessly day after day to assist our customers in navigating the new change. It makes me very proud to have such a dedicated team member working with us. Great work!

3. I've never seen such high customer satisfaction ratings from any other executive than you! Whatever you're doing is clearly working. Your team told me that you are incredibly empathetic and helpful. I believe that these qualities make you someone with whom people feel connected. Great job!

4. According to our client, you have been putting in extra efforts to meet the project's tight deadline and launch on time. When we hear such positive things about one of our team members, it makes us very proud that we get to work with such incredible people. Thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty. You inspire us with your work ethic and tenacity.

5. Thank you for all of the recent overtime you've worked to cover for people who are on leave. Your efforts have enabled us to uphold our customer service, ensuring that daily operations do not come to a halt and that everything continues in a timely manner. You are a true superstar.

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Leadership Skills

Not every leader is in a leadership role. Some are disguised as regular employees, but when the situation calls for it, they rise to the occasion and lead the team as if they have done so before. For such employees (and veteran leaders), here are our best picks for the positive feedback examples:


1. Thank you for leading the team through the new transition. It felt good to know that our team members could blindly trust and rely on someone. You are more than prepared to take on greater responsibilities.

2. Thank you for taking on the leadership of the new project on such short notice. Your proactive attitude clearly shows that you are a great leader in the making.

3. Not many people would have recognized the glitch that would have caused us major problems in the future. Your attention to detail makes you a person worth putting your trust in. I'm impressed by your qualities. You have a lot of potential as a team leader.

4. I admire the tact with which you handled the conflict between you and another team member. You maintained your cool, collected demeanor and attempted to keep the conversation cordial. This is just one of many examples of how you have proven your mettle as a leader. Keep up the good work.

5. We've seen incredible growth and progress since you took over as team leader. Even the team members appear to be more engaged and excited to work with you. Your addition to the team has resulted in a dramatic increase in morale, productivity, and employee engagement. We are truly excited to see what's next in store!

Personal Development

Growth is an important part of both personal and organizational success. When an employee goes above and beyond to improve their skills and abilities, show your appreciation by using the following positive feedback examples:


1. I've noticed a significant improvement in your performance, behavior, and skills since your last performance review. You appear to have taken the constructive feedback to heart and worked on yourself. I am truly amazed by the dedication and positive attitude that you bring to work every day. Good job!

2. I wanted to congratulate you on doing such an amazing job of mastering that skill in such a short time. I admire that you went the extra mile to prioritize your upskilling over everything else. Please do let me know if there is anything else you would like to learn that'll help you contribute more efficiently.

3. It's incredible to see how far you've come from being a shy intern to taking on a critical project on your own. Amazingly, you see your self-growth on both the professional and personal front. To be honest, I'm excited to see what else you have in store for us and get surprised with yet another one of your brilliant ideas.

4. I admire you for recognizing your own limitations in your skills and taking the initiative to approach me about wanting to learn new things. I'm glad to see such a strong sense of initiative on your part.

5. I've noticed that you've been taking on increasingly challenging tasks lately. It's amazing to see you take such risks and step outside of your comfort zone. I am always here to support you and wanted to let you know that I appreciate all of your extra efforts.

New Hire

A new hire might feel at odds or start undermining their own skills. That is why it is vital to keep them in the loop and make them feel comfortable. Here are a few examples of positive feedback that will boost your new employees' confidence and demonstrate that they are valuable to the team:


1. I hope you're settling in nicely at your new job, Olivia. I am pleased to report that I have received a great deal of positive feedback about you from your team members. You are very attentive and respectful, which many people appreciate. I know that you are going to be a critical member of the team very soon.

2. I know you're still learning the ropes. Still, I wanted to tell you that you've been extremely positive, eager, and energetic to learn new things despite being bombarded with new information at breakneck speed. I hope you continue to bring positive energy to work because it really helps lift our spirits.

3. I appreciate you bringing up your ideas in our team meetings. As a newcomer, it may appear intimidating to do such things, which is why I admire your proactive approach even more. It also helped us gain perspective from a fresh set of eyes, which I truly appreciate.

4. Thank you for sharing your insights into the hiring and onboarding processes. It has greatly aided us in identifying gaps in our process that we can certainly improve on.

5. Hey there, Dave! I just wanted to check in with you and see how you like it here so far. I've been informed that you aced the assignments allocated to you, and it makes me happy to know that we have such a talented person on our team. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you. Keep up the good work!

Do You Think These Positive Feedback Examples Will Be Helpful?

While both positive and negative feedback is crucial, especially when dealing with something like a performance review, it is even more vital to balance both of them out.

The positive feedback loop is designed to make employees feel confident about their abilities. Meanwhile, negative feedback loops aim to address outlier issues that interfere with productivity, morale, or the team.

To balance both of them out, you need something substantial. You need constructive feedback.

If there are any more examples that you'd like us to add to our list of positive feedback examples, do drop us a mail. We'd be more than happy to include it on our list.

This article is written by Barasha Medhi who is a part of the marketing team at Vantage Circle. Barasha can be found either searching for interesting HR buzzwords to write about or looking at pictures of cozy Bel Air mansions. For any related queries, contact editor@vantagecircle.com.

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