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13 Ways To Reinvent Your Company SWAG

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13 Ways To Reinvent Your Company SWAG

As soon as a new employee joins in, you would want them to feel that they are part of the organization and its values. You want to make them feel associated with your company culture. And to do that, company swag turns out to be a good idea.

What is company swag?

Company SWAG is the abbreviation of Stuff We All Get. It is free stuff and giveaways to encourage employees to be more productive in the workplace.

It is usually company-branched merchandise handed out as a form of advertising.

It can also be part of a good orientation and onboarding program. Furthermore, it serves to create a positive mindset towards an employees' work and achieve the target set in front of them.

But are your free giveaways up to the mark which will interest your employees? Don’t throw away your company logo with the cheapest thing you find.

Keep in mind that you are thoughtful with your company swag and provide your employees the best material for grabs.

Investing in high-quality swag has the potential to earn your brand impressions and build a strong company culture.

This article will share some ideas about some good company swag and promote good culture.

Company Swag Ideas

1. Backpacks:


We all know how important is a backpack. It helps in to carrying all your belongings. Well, it can become cool stuff to carry if you have a designed logo depicting your company. Make sure to provide a bag with authentic material and a branded one as well.

Providing a branded material will not only last for long but will also have that wow factor. Also, the employees can show off about it at some point about how cool their workplaces are. It can be profitable for you as you might attract more potential talents towards the organization.

2. Mini Erase Boards:


Jotting down important schedules or dates is often done by busy employees. You can provide such employees with personalized erase board with their name and your company logo. This will showcase a good company culture.

Make sure to give them products that they want and allow them to customize them. Also, let them have the freedom to choose what they want. An added advantage is that it will help the environment as it is reusable.

3. Dust Cleaners:


Nobody likes a table full of dust or screens with dirt and finger smudges on it. A clean workspace is a healthy workspace. Wipers and dust cleaners make sure that your employees keep their table and computer screens dirt-free.

Also, it is a good practice for everyone to keep their belongings clean and neat. A clean office means more positive energy and more motivation to keep the work going on.

4. Customized Headphones:


Studies have shown that listening to music while working enhances creativity and productivity as well. Encourage employees to indulge in a world of music by gifting them a customized pair of a headset and seeing them getting creative as ever.

5. Portable Chargers:


Everyone wants to give their 100% in what they do, and that is what you expect from your employees. The employees want the same from their devices as well. But, due to rush hour, sometimes it might not be possible.

Portable chargers are the thing that has been on every employee's shopping wish list to help them and their devices from running out of juice. Gift them a portable charger and help them give their 100%.

6. Pens:


The pen is a thing that which we use on an everyday basis for writing down important notes. Awarding premium pens to your target-achieving executives can be another example of company swag.

7. Reusable Bottles:


Hydration is a key factor in your employee's health. And most of the employees are consuming water daily. But what is the need to have water from a water purifier, when they can store it in a water bottle which is reusable.

Gift them bottles with customization along with personalization. Plus, it also helps to cut down on single-use plastic and saves the environment.

8. Snack Bag Sealer:


Who does not love snacks while working once in a while, right? It makes a perfect company swag for healthy snackers.

Employees don’t need to force themselves to have their snack at one go to avoid wastefulness. Instead, they can serve their preference, seal it up, and rest later when they want.

These bags make classy alternatives to paper clips while trying to save their snacks.

9. Customized Playing Cards:


Many companies have a culture of organizing company casino nights where everyone joins in and have a good time together. Giving everyone a deck of playing cards with your brand and color will be another cool company swag.

And besides, if your employees are full of humor, you can have cards printed with hilarious employee photos from company events.

Playing cards carry fun but in small and convenient packages. Plus, shuffling cards reduces stress as well that employees might have from work at hand.

10. Apparel:


You might have organized many events, but have you ever bothered about what your employees wear? Not right. It would be fun for your employees to have branded t-shirts and sweatshirts with customized logos.

Furthermore, your employees can have their picture on it, or their favorite quotes are written on it. You can add this to your cool company swag item list as well.

11. Flower Pots:


A dull desk seems less attractive and unappealing at the same time. Why not gift a pot of bright, colorful flowers which employees can keep on their desk. This will make their workspace very vibrant and something they would like to look out for apart from their laptop and notebooks.

12. Customized Keychains:


Employees usually carry very important stuff with them along with the keys to their house and their cars. But where do they keep it? Pockets? Wallets? Bags? There is a high possibility that they might lose it if it is not kept in a secured place.

To avoid situations like this, give your employees a pair of customizable keychains. With the help of a good quality keychain, they can keep all their daily used keys together.

13. Premium Subscriptions:


Well, who does not love a good TV show which can make you laugh or the ones which are full of suspense and thrills? And there are many platforms where you can binge-watch it and use your idle time anywhere you want. Platforms like Netflix, Amazon prime, etc., are the popular ones out there in the market.

Providing a premium subscription to these platforms can always be a part of super cool company swag. This will attract new talents and increase retention in a fun manner.

Summing it Up:

Company Culture is something that you need to focus on if you want to have a good reputation among your competitors. And having a company swag will make your company look cooler among your potential candidates as well.

Companies usually struggle to have an impactful promotional product in the market. But with these ideas in hand, your company can have the advantage of showcasing a good culture.

So, opt for these ideas and have a company that everyone looks up to.

Mrinmoy Rabha is a content writer and digital marketer at Vantage Circle. He is an avid follower of football and passionate about singing. For any related queries, contact editor@vantagecircle.com

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