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Vantage Circle Partners with Rembrandt Awards to Introduce a Total Recognition Solution

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Last Updated on 27 July, 2021
Vantage Circle Partners with Rembrandt Awards to Introduce a Total Recognition Solution

Employee recognition goes a long way in boosting employee productivity and engagement.And by recognition, we mean the formal or informal way of acknowledging an employee's effort in achieving a company goal.

Companies that recognize and value their employee's contributions have seen an increase in their total revenue, productivity, and other benefits. It fosters a healthy workplace culture and proves to be one of the key factors in employee retention.

Over 68% have reported that they do not feel recognized at their workplaces. It triggers an urgent need to renovate our existing employee engagement practices. It pushes the need to create something that tackles this issue while increasing staff motivation.

One such way is to introduce a "total recognition program." A total recognition program focuses on carrying out various engagement strategies to boost engagement.

What is a Total Recognition Solution?

Employee recognition programs are initiatives taken by employers to acknowledge their employees. They are rewarded for outstanding performance, work anniversaries, achievements, etc.

A total recognition solution is a way of combining various kinds of employee recognition programs into one. It is a 360-degree platform that provides an all-in-one solution for employee recognition.

Types of Employee Recognition Programs

Generally, employee recognition programs can be classified into top-down and peer-to-peer approaches.

Top-down Approach

A top-down approach is the most common and formal way of recognition. It includes service awards for achieving a milestone or anniversaries.

It can also be in the form of annual bonuses and spot awards. The employee is presented with an award package. It includes both physical and virtual gifts such as an e-gift card.

Some employers also practice the point-based approach of rewarding employees. Employees are given points for achieving a goal. These points can either be saved or spent on many products or services.

Peer-to-peer Approach

Peer-to-peer recognition is more frequent and happens daily. 96% of employees want greater consistency in recognition. It is also believed to be more beneficial than the traditional top-down approach. It can be in the form of a simple note, gold stars, and so on.

Organizations are setting up programs where employees can be recognized by their peers, subordinates, and managers.

Keeping this concept in mind, Vantage Circle and Rembrandt Awards have teamed up to offer an award-winning “total recognition solution” to Canadian organizations!

In a study conducted on the employee engagement of the Canadian Workforce, more than 52% said they do not feel recognized at their workplace. They felt that giving recognition and praise can improve employee engagement.

This partnership aims to improve employee engagement for businesses by giving them a complete total recognition solution. An all-in-one platform for making human resource management a tad bit easier.

Providing a One-stop Total Recognition Solution

Rembrandt's recognition system has offered businesses versatile award programs and solutions for over 50 years.

Their in-house manufacturing and production unit creates corporate jewelry, plaques, and one-of-a-kind gifts depending on the client's needs. Service Recognition, Motivational awards, and Safety awards are a few of the many successful programs available.

By integrating with Vantage Circle, employees can now access these programs through a customized and easy-to-navigate online platform.

Vantage Circle has a simple, ready-to-integrate platform with cutting-edge technology. The platform aims to leverage the employee engagement strategy with its smooth user experience

Some of the key features include:

  • Peer-to-peer Recognition: As mentioned earlier is a way of instant recognition by your peers. It can be used to thank a colleague, congratulate them for a job well done, or wish them on various occasions.


  • Spot Awards: Spot awards are given to the subordinates as an appreciation or for a job well done. It can be a monetary reward or a point-based reward.


  • Point-based Rewards: In a point-based reward system, awards are given in the form of points that can be accrued over time or redeemed into some monetary reward.


  • Manager Dashboard: The manager dashboard gives you deep insights into employee trends and behaviors that help you in equal and fair recognition.

  • Global Catalog: Our global catalog offers employees the flexibility to select their own reward from a wide variety of products and services.


This collaboration intends to make the process of employee rewards and recognition easier to deliver.

Rembrandt provides personalized solutions tailored to the client's unique company culture and occasions. By partnering with Vantage Circle, they are planning to digitize their complete recognition solutions for the convenience of their clients.

Vantage Circle is a simple AI-based employee engagement platform that intends to integrate unique recognition solutions for more variety and choices in rewarding employees.

The goal is to provide an all-in-all total recognition solution from start to end so that organizations reap the maximum benefits.

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Vantage Circle is a simple AI-powered Rewards & Recognition Platform for upgrading your employee experience and engagement for better productivity.