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Team Dynamics: Understanding and Implementing it

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Last Updated on 06 April, 2021
Team Dynamics: Understanding and Implementing it

The biggest battles are won together.

Organizational success is possible with a positive team dynamics. Not only it elevates team morale but it also gives the freedom to the team members to live up to their full potential. Tapping into their skillsets and overall experience that your teams have.

So, what exactly is team dynamics and how does it play a crucial role?

What is Team Dynamics?

Team dynamics is basically the overall “chemistry” a team has between them. The chemistry represents the emotional, functional (basically the designation) and psychological role of a team which directly impacts team performance and employee engagement.

Putting the right mix of employees is quite essential for team cohesion. The proper blend of employees will make an effective team that is going to bring success to the organization.

The Impact of Positive Team Dynamics

1. Bonding- Successful bonding between team members results in higher performance. It is one of the crucial elements when you want a team that is effective and is able to do their work without any hiccups.

2. Productivity- It goes without saying that the quickly your team gels in well, the higher their productivity. This indicates that there is an understanding between team members and are willing to help each other during crunch time.

3. Trust- Positive team dynamics help garnish trust among team members. When there is trust between the team then psychological safety is practiced. This further helps every employee to become mentally strong and they are less stressed about their work.

4. Creativity- Innovation and creativity become a top priority among team members. Team members always think out of the box and come up with new business ideas which not only elevates the business but also boosts their credibility within the organization.

Building and Strategizing your Team Dynamics

Now that we have talked about how positive team dynamics can bring about impactful changes. Let us have a look at how you can build dynamic teams-

1. Know your team

As a leader, one of the crucial aspects of establishing a working team dynamic is to know the team better. You have to understand what working environment fits them the best, what are the necessary tools that you can provide and what are the problems that everyone is facing.

Take the time out of your busy schedule and talk with them often. Have that one-on-one conversation and listen to what your team has to say. The more you listen and heed to what the team has to say, the better will be the understanding and you will be able to know more of the team.

2. Communication

No work can be done without proper and open communication. Always ask everyone in the team to be fluent and clear about what message they want to convey. The clearer the message, the better it is for the team’s performance in the long run.

Furthermore, with the frequent practice of robust communication, appreciating each other and giving feedback becomes easy. Building respect in the team and cementing the relationship of the team members.

3. Define Roles

As soon as you form a team, describe the objectives and goals it has to meet and lay out their roles and responsibilities. A better understanding of the goals will help the team members sync in well thus leading to a more solid team dynamics.

Also, place each member in a role that suits them best. This will not only enhance their skill set but it will also increase their focus at work and it will further bring the best in them.

4. Team building Activities

It goes without saying that activities that help you build a team are healthy for the organization. These activities have a direct impact on everyone’s productivity, overall teamwork and provide a good opportunity to foster bonding.

Activities can include team lunch, ice breaker games, fitness sessions or any outdoor activity. Do keep in mind to schedule it before so that everyone can take their time out of their schedule and join in the activities. Also, if you have remote employees then you can also consider hosting virtual team building activities.

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5. Providing the necessary tools

For your team to become proficient in their jobs it is important that you provide them with all the necessary tools and equipment they need. This is likely going to make their job easier and increase their satisfaction levels. And with increased levels of satisfaction in the team, they are more likely to perform better and improve their team chemistry. Thus, leading to positive team dynamics.

Summing it Up

It takes time and tremendous effort for an organization to get the right team that works wonders for them. However, as a leader, if you follow these simple tips, your team dynamics are likely to grow and bear positive results.

All upto you now on how you implement these and build a positive team dynamics in your organization.

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