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Partnering With Businesses To Deliver Value

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Over the last couple of decades, the business partner concept has dramatically evolved from roles and outcomes to a logic of how HR delivers value. Business partners have more opportunities than ever to impact business success. Especially during the pandemic and post-pandemic world, we have seen immense opportunities and ways in which businesses and HR functions are evolving to meet employee needs in a unique way.

In today’s episode, we shall know what the key tenants of business partnering are and how this has evolved over a period of time. Let’s get started.

About The Speaker

Bhargavi Kakunuri is the HR Director, of India Procter, and Gamble Consumer Health organization. She has over a decade of experience in the field of HR, recruitment and business partnering.

She knows the true importance of partnerships and how it impacts a company's bottom line. She is somebody who has done immense research on gender equality in the workplace and believes in true diversity and inclusion at work. '

Let's take a look at what she has to say about Business Partnering and how it delivers value.

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Show Notes

(01:43) Please brief us about yourself.

(05:15) What is business partnering, and how would you like to describe it?

(08:40) How is HR better placed to partner with businesses than other functions?

(10:05) Any tips for those new to HR on how to build the skills for effective business partnering.

(12:46) In the end, how would you like to conclude your thoughts on business partnering improving company performance?

(13:25) Endnote.

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