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High Performance And Engaging Company Culture

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Companies with high-performance teams and enhanced employee engagement nurture great company culture. We must understand what is company culture as they are interconnected. A good company culture could be anything from being diverse and inclusive to providing employee perks and benefits. So, let’s know everything about employee performance, engagement, and company culture today.

About The Speaker

An ardent believer in the power of HR to enhance performance and deliver business results, Prabhash is the founder of Flipcarbon, a performance coach, and a multi-purpose trainer of repute.

He has over two decades of experience in various facets of HR across blue-chip companies. He has a proven track record & ability in conceptualizing, designing, and implementing Strategic Employee Communication interventions that foster high performance, and high engagement culture.

A subject matter expert on Employee Engagement, Prabhash has 10+years of experience in handling employee engagement surveys, action planning, and enterprise initiatives.

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Show Notes

(02:20) About the speaker

(04:35) What is company culture?

(06:43) What is the most appropriate way for any leader to improve or nurture a great company culture in their workplace?

(10:10) How does high-performance and enhanced engagement help improve company culture?

(12:30) What is “Toxic High Performance?” and how is it related to company culture.

(17:35) Role of diversity and inclusion in enhancing employee performance and engagement that positively impacts the company's company culture?

(21:30) Endnote and summary of the episode, including Prabhash’s contact details for our listeners to reach out to him.