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Data Silos: A Big Problem In HR That Needs To Be Fixed

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Breaking down silos and unifying all of their operational and experience data is a top priority for many top companies. As you listen to this podcast, you will be able to realize where your company has data silos and how you can improve your data integration.

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About The Speaker

Our guest in this episode is Joseph Ifiegbu - Co-Founder & CEO at eqtble. Before eqtble, he garnered extensive experience in the field of analytics. Most recently, as the head of HR Technology at Snap, he implemented best practices for systems architecture and built the foundation and strategy for HR analytics.

While leading WeWork’s People Analytics team, he built out the team to support over 15,000 employees and help improve employee engagement and satisfaction. During his time at Toys R Us and Arsenal FC as a Data Scientist, he built optimization models that saved both companies millions over several years. Additionally, Joseph was a Board Member and advisor for DataVLT, helping them raise over $1 million in their ICO.

As a leader in the analytics field, Joseph has also spoken at multiple analytics conferences around the country and is actively sought after for his expertise & insights.

Joseph is also an avid soccer fan, and he enjoys taking long walks and hikes in his spare time.

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Show Notes

(04:14) Data silos explained.

(05:40) Problems caused by data silos.

(08:03) How can an organization get rid of the problems related to data silos?

(14:40) How to prepare for the future of HR?

(17:20) Joseph’s suggestions to our HR listeners.