25 Office Decor Ideas for a Stunning & Productive Workspace

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25 Office Decor Ideas for a Stunning & Productive Workspace

Office decor plays a significant role in the mindset of employees. The way an office looks and feels can inspire a workforce for better and improve employee moods. It is because a decorated office is much more than just aesthetics.

It’s the aesthetics combined with utility, which makes or breaks an employee’s enthusiasm to get to work. A beautifully equipped office also has positive effects on employee productivity and better hiring as well.

This is why you need to have a broad sense of office decor ideas to play along.

Your office decor must say a lot about your office environment. Whether you offer a relaxing work vibe, a casual office setting, a fully serious professional outlook, etc. Your decor must speak of your brand and this means having an ample understanding of workplace decor.

Having a firm grasp on these ideas not only means buying the most beautiful products. It is about knowing what works best in a workplace environment and which suits your office the best. So, to help you get it right, here are our best picks of office decor ideas for your workspace.

25 Office Decor Ideas for a Stunning & Productive Workspace

1. Visible company vision and mission

The office decor of a company should speak of the company itself. It should be a reflection of what a company stands for. The best way of doing this is by displaying the company’s vision and mission on its walls in an attractive way.

The displayed vision will remind your employees of what the business is built upon and drive them to achieve more. In this regard, a company named swag.com can help you. They serve offices with custom wall designs uploaded by you and ship them in pieces.

After taking delivery of the product, you can set this up through a series of easy steps.

2. Color Scheme

The color scheme is an essential aspect when it comes to office space designs. You must not go overboard here with lots of different colors. We recommend you to stick with your brand colors.

It will build a beautiful flow of the business and its office space. Also, if you do wish to make your office more colorful, avoid using too many varieties. Mixing a lot of different combinations of color in one single wall is a huge mistake.

Instead, you use particular color schemes for walls, ceilings, floors, etc. Here, pay close attention to the psychological impact of different colors and what they mean. For an office setting, shades of red, blue, yellow, green, purple, orange, and grey, are excellent.

3. Company Logo Sculpture

Having a company logo sculpture in the middle of the office premises is also a great way of carrying forward the company tone in its workspace. It wonderfully presents your brand personality and can also make for a beautiful conversation-starter piece.

For example, what is the story behind the logo, what does the logo mean, etc. It is purely a showpiece, but if utilized correctly, it can help also be a great marketing tool as well.

4. Wall Art

Most offices are having striking wall art made by local artists of the community. These hand-painted art make for astonishing aesthetics of a company. Furthermore, it also helps promote the local arts community as well.

However, before going for such wall art, one must be careful in the selection. The art is still for an office setting, so it has to be relevant to the company. Therefore, before employing an artist, look at his/her interpretation of your company’s art beforehand.

You should only employ the artist if you find that the art gels well with your brand.

5. Funky Furniture

Office furniture is one of the essential components of a workspace. It goes through everyday use and so it must be reliable. The furniture must also not be boring either.

Today, the market is full of durable yet stylish furniture for you to choose from for your office. The variety of couches, chairs, tables, computer desks, you can get today is extraordinary. Finding your pick out of this wide variety won’t be hard for you.

6. Rugs

For outlining a space without any physical barrier, rugs can be of great use. A few rugs around the office can also liven the space.

Although, while having rugs, one must be careful about having proper workplace hygiene. If you don’t clean them thoroughly, they can be a haven for dust mites that can harm the air around. You must clean them with water thoroughly than just vacuuming them.

7. Paintings

If you are in the market for office decor on a budget, then paintings can be of great value. They are mostly inexpensive, take less space, and bring a nice feel to a room. In most office spaces, these paintings appear in elegant black and white colors.

These capture the corporate atmosphere in a classy minimalistic way that doesn’t hurt the eyes. Or, you can also go bold with colorful art to display a young and vibrant office environment. Your imagination only limits your choice.

8. Mirrors

Mirrors in an office workspace add to the refinement and professionalism of the premises. Also, mirrors can make a space look more spacious. This further adds to your office seeming more open and inviting.

9. Dividers instead of Walls

An open office space looks more spacious and professional in the modern business world. Plus, having an open space means knocking down the walls, which feeds to improved workplace communication.

For accommodating an open space working environment, you can substitute walls with dividers.

10. Different Office Atmosphere

It is also better to segregate the office atmosphere into different units. By this, we mean having a different look and feel for different rooms. These can be conference rooms, break rooms, office halls, cubicles, etc.

You can design these rooms as per the use. While the conference room can have a serious look at office chairs and desk, the cubicles can be as per the employee’s wishes. Similarly, you can have a laid back look at break rooms with bean bags, etc.

11. Personalized Space

Allow and encourage employees to personalize their cubicles. It will bring new colors and also make the employees work with ease. It is because by customizing their cubicles, they can decorate and organize their space with the things they like.

Also, working in their own custom space will increase productivity as well.

12. Natural Lighting

The availability of natural lighting is the most crucial factor in office space. Working continuously under artificial light strains, not only the eye but also harms overall employee health. In this regard, having sunlight throughout the day is a great alternative.

Here, you must keep your windows open and unobstructed with curtains. Also, if you need curtains, go for light fabric. Keep the window blinds open all day long for better sunlight into the office premises.

13. Mini Library

Knowledge is paramount to be ahead of your competition. Therefore, you must always be up to date with all the information required. One way of doing this is through books. Having a mini library with three or four bookshelves should do the trick here.

Properly maintained bookshelves also add to the office aura and make it look more professional. Here, in case of limited space, you can just place some books related to your industry above a coffee table.

14. Snack Bar

Healthy snacks for work is imperative for proper employee health. It helps keep the employees fit and also helps keep oneself sharp. Here, having a snack bar is an even fantastic idea.

You can have organic products, fruits, coffee, and all sorts of eatables that an employee may need for a working day. A snack bar could also be an excellent way for your employees to get to know each other better in an informal way. It will help build a better bond between them.

15. Lighting

Lighting plays a big part in an office decor. It must be suitable and reliable for everyday use and also look great for an office setting at the same time. While shopping for lighting, you must opt out of harsh fluorescent lighting as it strains the eye and causes migraines.

In an office setting, you must go for a single-level light source. Here, you can also provide desk lamps in each cubicle for better customizable use by your employees.

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16. Corner Office Display

Most of the employees adore a beautiful corner office. Often, it gives them a great view out and helps calm their mind. If your office has a view as such from a corner office, be sure to utilize it.

Here, you can have large glass windows to get a better view outside or have a backdrop. Things could be even better if you can keep this area communal rather than assigning it to just one person. This way, the entire office would get to enjoy the view out.

17. Flowers

Being in a closed environment can often make one feel trapped. Therefore, it is essential to include as many desirable outdoor elements as possible. One example here is using flowers in an office setting.

Flowers in an office setting look gorgeous. They make for a better feel of atmosphere, smell, and provide natural aesthetics. Here, you can buy some vases and scatter them around the office area with flowers to keep an environment fresh and lively.

Some of the options here are daisies, lilies, orchids, roses, gardenias, etc.

18. Plants

Plants are another crucial office decor idea because of their decorative and natural feel in a workspace. They provide employees with fresh air and put out a tranquil work environment. However, you must be careful to maintain these plants with proper sunlight and water daily.

Few of the plants that you can consider for your office are Devil’s Ivy, Aglaonema, Ficus Benjamina, Bromeliads, Peace Lily, Dracaena, Sansevieria, Cacti, etc.

19. Fragrance

A typical office decor idea for most employers is office fragrances and rightfully so. Being in an environment with so many aspects can give rise to odor in the workspace. It is not only irksome but can affect one’s health as well.

Therefore, you must have a pleasant fragrance in your office environment. Here, we recommend lemon, lavender, jasmine, rosemary, cinnamon, and peppermint.

20. Cabinets

Filing cabinets are a vital commodity in every office. They store the essential information required daily. These cabinets can also get cluttered on some occasions due to heavy usage. Sometimes it can also get messy that contributes to a disorganized look.

One thing you can do here is proper filing through differentiation with colors. You can keep the marketing reports in orange folders, finances in purple, and so on. This will not only organize better but also add pops of color to an otherwise dull office commodity.

21. Achievements on Display

One of the best office decor ideas is having the achievements of the team on a big display. It can be a trophy cabinet or a gallery wall with all the newspaper clippings and pictures of the team.

It will help build employee motivation and also give them a glimpse of how far they have come. This is also a great addition to the office premises to show off the accomplishments to clients and new hires.

22. A Class Entryway

It is always essential to have a vibrant entryway to the office. Here, you can decorate the entry with couches and plants to portray a more welcoming vibe. If you have space, then you should also hang posters of the company’s vision.

Other ideas here can be having a coffee table with some books. A vending machine can light up the place as well.

23. Board Game/Pool Table

It is always a fun idea to have a few games in the workspace as well. They help keep the minds fresh and can also be a great stress reliever. Here, a pool table should do the trick just fine.

If you have a small office, you can also have a few board games to save space. Board games like darts, chess, monopoly, are great options in an office environment.

24. Bean Bags

If your company has a more chilled-out vibe, it would be best if you have the interior design likewise. In this scenario, the first thing that pops into our mind is bean bags. They look super cool in an office surrounding and are also incredibly comfortable.

Bean bags also have many employee health benefits. They help with body posture, reduce tension and headaches, therapeutic in backaches, etc. So you see, it has a great deal of utility as well beyond its pure office decor awesomeness.

25. Healthy Workspace

Last but not least, an office setting must be a healthy environment. Many employees fall into an inactive lifestyle during their work life. Therefore, it is vital to oversee that this doesn’t happen to your employees as well.

Here, a few office decor ideas can help you encourage fitness in the workspace. The most important is having an office gym. Designing a gymnasium will surely give an extra push to your employees to work out.

A wellness center, as such, need not be gigantic with many types of equipment. Simple things like indoor cycling, yoga mats, training wall, weights, treadmill, boxing bag, would work just fine.

These were our picks for gorgeous office decor ideas for a stunning and productive workspace. While some of these may be expensive, most are not. So with these ideas, you can have a great work environment on a budget.

Now, while all these ideas are fabulous for an office environment, there is however one point we must address. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us are nowhere near an office setting. So, this begs a question; what about a few ideas for our new office, the home office.

So, let’s have a brief look at this as well.

Home Office Decor Ideas

Given the current pandemic condition we’re working on, we’re sure your new workstation is a home office. Thus, it only fits to include some decoration ideas for your home office too. So, here are our budget-friendly home office decor ideas:

These minimalistic ideas bode wonderfully into a small space making for excellent home office decor ideas. Also, the reasonably inexpensive nature of the above-mentioned makes them a fantastic option as well.


The office decor is the first thing an individual sees as he/she makes their way into the premises. Technically, it is the first impression of the worker bees into their day at the office. So, as first impressions go, it must be a good one.

Having your pick from any of the above mentioned office decor ideas is sure to give a great head start in this aspect.

This article is written by Jyoti Prakash Barman. He is an in-house Content Marketer at Vantage Circle with interests in music and automobiles. For any related queries, contact editor@vantagecircle.com