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Top 10 New Year Gift Ideas To Show Appreciation To Employees

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Top 10 New Year Gift Ideas To Show Appreciation To Employees

A lot has changed in the corporate world over the years, but one thing that hasn't is the concept of corporate gifting. As we approach the new year, put on your thinking caps and come up with some meaningful new year gift ideas to show your appreciation for your employees.

So, here are some of the best new year gift ideas for your employees that speak volumes about how much you value their contributions.

1. Virtual Gift Cards

Currently, nothing is more convenient than virtual gift cards. You can buy them from a wide variety of retailers, including Amazon and Starbucks.

You can also gift free coupons or subscriptions for special services like a car wash, pet care, Netflix, etc.

Virtual gift cards are a great way to show appreciation for your employees, especially in a remote world. Some companies find it easier to buy virtual gift cards for their employees, especially when dealing with a global or a distributed team.

Vantage Circle offers an easy way to send virtual gift cards to your employees. With a wide range of retailers and services to choose from, corporate gifting has never been easier.


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2. Customized Themed Merchandise


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To keep employees motivated, give them customized themed merchandise as a new year gift. Make sure you include their name or initials on the merchandise. A new year gift box can be customized according to company needs and budget.

You can curate some unique designs or short punchlines for personalized merchandise for your colleagues, such as t-shirts, notebooks, and coffee mugs.

3. Health Vouchers


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January is all about resolutions, but it requires a whole lot of motivation to stick to those resolutions.

Since resolutions are the easiest to break and hardest to maintain, health vouchers are a great new year's gift idea for your employees. Health vouchers come in the form of a card that can be redeemed at the gym or any health-related facility.

Providing your employees with something that matters to them that will also help them take better care of themselves is a great way to boost employee morale.

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4. Goodie Bag


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Deliver a goody bag or a gift basket with a New Year greeting card to your colleagues. Fill it with treats, candy, and cookies. It can also include useful resources like notebooks, stationery, and books.

Another option is to send them a care package considering the pandemic situation. It can contain some herbal tea, sanitizer, and scented candles, among other things.

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5. Self Pamper Kit


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Sometimes, you need to wrap up the year with some special 'me' time. You can do the same for your employees too!

Let your employees start the new year off on a high note. And nothing kicks off a new year better than a pampering experience!

From massages to luxury bathroom kits, gift your employees an opportunity to relax, refresh and rededicate themselves to being their best selves this new year.

6. Work Desk Items


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If you're looking for a great new year gift idea for your employees, give them something practical and useful. We really think that desk stationery items are perfect for this occasion.

A desktop item means an item that can be placed on a desk in the office. For example, it could be a mug, a paperweight, or a picture frame. It doesn't have to be anything special or expensive. It could even be a plant.

The key is to make the gift memorable.

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7. Special Event Tickets


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Giving your employees tickets to special events as a new year gift is another great way to show your appreciation. Everyone loves to be recognized for their work, and going to an event as a group to celebrate this achievement is a great way to do that.

If you want to give your employees a gift that makes an impact, consider giving them tickets to a special event like an NBA game, a concert, or a theatre.

It is not only a pleasant surprise for your employees, but it also gives them something to look forward to and to share with their friends and family.

8. Tech Products


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Everyone loves a gadget and the new year is a great time to thank your staff with a great gift that will help them get more done.

With so many options available, it can be difficult to choose a gift that will be both useful and cherished. You may want to consider a portable laptop stand or even one of the noise-canceling headphones.

For the remote workers, the best thing you can do is give them the tools that they need. Something like a portable printer or a Bluetooth speaker can help your employees stay comfortable and productive even when they're working from home.

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9. Complementary Time-off

The practice of giving employees a few days off at the end of the year is so common that it's known as complementary time-off. The purpose of this extra holiday is to give employees a break after a long year and a chance to relax, unwind and recharge before they get back to work in January.

The gift of time off to spend with family and friends is a great way to build trust and loyalty with your employees.

10. Personal Development/Interests


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It's important to know the things your employees are interested in or passionate about, and then find a way to use that to show them you care. And you can do this in a very simple way by sending them a gift related to their personal development or interests.

Whether it's a professional development course or a subscription to a magazine, you're showing them that they're important to you and your organization.

Make it something that you know they'll find useful. It doesn't have to be something expensive, but it should be something that they'll appreciate receiving.


Gift-giving has always been a fun experience, not just for the person receiving it but also for the person giving it.

Gifting an employee can be a tricky task, and there are many things to keep in mind while giving new year's gifts to your employees.

The idea is that the gift must be appropriate in the business environment.

To learn more about other aspects of gifting in a professional setting, check out this Ultimate Guide to Corporate Gifts.

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