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How to Synchronise the Vantage Fit Steps in Your Android Mobile

3 min read
How to Synchronise the Vantage Fit Steps in Your Android Mobile

You have installed the Vantage Fit app in your Android device. Now you are all set to accomplish the walking/running contests that the app challenges. After walking/running for a while, you realise that your steps are not being counted in Vantage Fit app. This denotes that your android device is not allowing the Vantage Fit app to sync your steps. Don’t worry because today, we will be guiding you through a step-by-step process of enabling your Vantage Fit app for a smoother experience.

#### **For ASUS Mobile **
Step 1: Open **Mobile Manager **which is****present in your device’s Home Screen

Step 2: Click on the **Permissions **button

Step 3: Click on Auto-Start Manager

Step 4: On the **Downloaded **app****section, go to the **Vantage Fit app and click on ** Allow

#### **For Xiaomi Mobile**
Step 1: Go to Settings in your mobile

Step 2: Tap on **Installed Apps **

Step 3: Navigate to Downloaded section & select Vantage Fit

Step 4: Tap on Show Notifications option in the App info page

Step 5: Enable Show notifications

#### **For Vivo Mobile**
Step 1: Go to i Manager in your mobile

Step 2: Tap on App Manager icon

Step 3: Select Autostart manager

Step 4: Enable Autostart for** Vantage Fit**

Step 5: Now go to Uninstallation option in App manager

Step 6: Select Vantage Fit

Step 7: Enable Show notifications

Step 8: Go to Settings

Step 9: Tap on Status bar and notification

Step 10: Select **Vantage Fit

Step 11: Enable Allow notification

We hope you have a seamless experience with our Vantage Fit app.