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E-learning: The New Way of Employee Training

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Tell me, and I forget, teach me, and I may remember, involve me, and I learn.
– Benjamin Franklin

Learning is a way of life. There can be no alternative to acquiring knowledge other than learning and training. Employee training is a crucial part of an employee’s journey. Proper training prepares employees to meet the objectives and challenges of the job. We often assume that training is offered to employees in their initial days, and it ends after a certain period. However, training is a continuous and never-ending process. To keep up with evolving ideas, innovations, and technologies, you need to train employees continuously.

84% of employees in Best Performing Organizations are receiving the training they need.

Why is Employee Training Crucial?

  • It educates employees about the effective use of technology.
  • It ensures a competitive edge in the market.
  • It reduces technical mishaps, promotes safety and health among employees.
  • Training directly correlates with better productivity. Training enhances the efficiency of employees and hence productivity and profitability.
  • It creates opportunities for career development and personal growth of employees. Training equips employees with better knowledge which helps them in their career trajectory.
  • Training results in declined supervision. Trained employees do not require frequent supervision or tight control. They are often well aware of their duties and responsibilities.
  • Trained employees minimize the wastage of resources in the organization. They make optimum utilization of tools, equipment, material, and other resources available.
  • Trained employees show higher motivation and are more engaged at work.

E-Learning in Employee Training


To keep up with the competitive environment, training for the employees is the most viable solution. Companies incur considerable expenditures to assist employees through employee training. Companies like Amazon and Pixar spend a massive amount of money in offering excellent training and development programs.

However, it becomes difficult for smaller companies and companies to organize continuous in-person training with a large employee base.

Here comes the role of E-learning in employee Training.

E-learning is the method of engaging in an educational course in an online setting.

E-learning courses can use various techniques, for example, audio and video recordings, presentations, quizzes, surveys, games, discussion groups, and more.

The prime advantage of E-learning methodologies over conventional training methods is that it saves a considerable amount of time and money. Also, it eliminates the constraints of distance. You can train your employees in remote locations in a consistent and structured manner.

Also, companies can easily incorporate Elearning programs into the busy schedule of employees. It is beneficial to both employees and employers. Its easy accessibility and broader reach present added advantage.

Here are the top advantages of E-learning:


In-person mentoring programs are an expensive endeavor. Venue selection, traveling expense, logistics, etc., bear a high cost. It also includes time away from work, the cost of hiring a trainer, and documentation cost. Also, it often becomes hard to ensure the participation of everyone during the training period.

On the other hand, online training doesn’t have these costs and has proven to be a more economical solution.

Custom-made programs:

E-learning methodologies have developed at a stunning rate in recent times. One of the most significant advantages of e-learning is that companies can opt for bespoke courses for employee training. You can customize according to the unique needs and preferences of the organizations.

Effective implementation will enable employees to equip training programs with specific skills. It will bring the company closer to achieving its business goals.

For example, hyper-personalization can be done in the program in terms of names, learning environment, personalized content, objectives, and individual competency.

Up-to-date learning programs:

Workplace practices, technologies, and methods are ever-evolving. With online training, your employees are up-to-date with the latest and best practices. Employees become aware of global developments and market trends and learn to deploy the best practices. Which in terms results in optimal use of resources, pieces of equipment, and technology. E-learning also helps in systematic and structured learning for employees.

Self-paced learning:

Another notable advantage of e-learning over conventional training is flexibility. Learning becomes more fun and exciting when we can learn at a pace that we are comfortable with. You can offer your employees an online course that they can complete in a given period. It gives them the freedom and flexibility to take the classes when it is convenient for them. It ensures that the training is retained and recalled by them for a more extended period.

Interactive and Collaborative approach:

The responsive design of most e-learning platforms offers a very interactive approach to learning. Trainees can often interact with online mentors through webinars, discussion platforms. Moreover, keen employees can engage in discussions, sharing knowledge, ideas, and opinions among themselves, and enhance their skills.

Employees are guided in every step, and topics are presented in a simplified and easy-to-understand format. Additionally, classes are coupled with quizzes and exercises, ensuring timely feedback.


Gamification is a proven way of engaging millennial employees. It becomes effortless to incorporate gaming elements such as scores, leaderboard, scores, and incentivization through e-learning. It is the best way to make learning fun and engaging.

Your employees may lack the passion and motivation to invest in the training program actively. Gamification stirs inspiration and drives results. Also, another benefit of gamification is that it helps employees in self-assessment of their strengths and weakness.

Reports and Analytics

Robust reports and analytics of e-learning programs present a huge advantage to the organization. Employers and management can scale the success, participation, consistency, and effectiveness of the training programs. It helps in creating new policies, training, ideas, and concepts for the future.

How to choose an e-learning platform or program suitable for your company?


With the growing popularity of online learning, several e-learning programs are available today. Companies have the broad choice of choosing the best training program for their employees.

However, choosing the right program is crucial for the success of your employee training strategy. Some of the points that you need to keep in mind while selecting the program are:

  • Choose the right technology that suits your company’s goals and requirements.

  • The program should facilitate the personal development of the employees in the process.

  • The program should have features that support the scalability and success of the training method.

  • Customizing the program should be available to meet the specific requirement of the company.

  • The program's past performance and user reviews reveal helpful information and must take them into account.

Limitations of Employee Training through Elearning

  • Elearning is highly technology-dependent. A slow internet connection can become a hurdle in the training process.
  • Unmotivated and unenthusiastic learners might find it difficult to concentrate through e-learning.
  • Some courses can be tough to teach in the absence of a traditional hands-on approach.
  • Lack of face-to-face interaction and lack of interaction with the trainer can lead to foundering.

This article is written by Darshana Dutta. She works as a Content Creator and Digital Marketer at Vantage Circle. She writes extensively on trends around employee engagement and transforming company culture. For any related queries, contact editor@vantagecircle.com

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