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How Understanding Employee Persona Can Help Employers

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An office is a place of cultural and mental diversity. It is where people of different mindsets come to work together. This sense of individualism brings uniqueness and culture into the workforce. However, this individuality also comes with differences of opinions, beliefs, and mindsets.

It ultimately means what works for some employees may not work for all others. This difference is a problem for the management as it may harm the level of employee experience.

So, here comes the necessity of understanding employees.

The smart choice here is to examine in groups. To do this, the Employee Persona is the best option.

Employee Persona helps companies understand their employees’ personalities better in a group. It helps design better plans for success and employee satisfaction. Also, it helps boost productivity and job satisfaction of the workforce.

Knowing your employees through a persona test also helps strengthen the employer-employee relationship. This serves very well in the long run as it promotes an understanding relationship.

Therefore, employee persona is vital in a company, and to help you learn more about, here are a few critical points.

What is Employee Persona?

Employee persona is the collective representation of a group of employees with similar shared attributes. These traits can be of qualitative or quantitative in nature. Based on this, it can their behavior, experiences, human nature, etc.

Some of these points of differentiation are:

  • Age Group
  • Work Experience
  • Career Progression
  • Professional Goals
  • Feedback from employee surveys
  • Frequency of job switch
  • Performance
  • Workplace challenges

Information on these aspects helps form a better employee narrative. Furthermore, it helps the management in making better decisions. Other than this, examining these personas is also vital for various other reasons. Let's have a look at some of these.

Why is it essential to understand different Employee Persona?

The following are the reasons why a study on the workforce persona is so important.

1. Better Understanding

Personas help employers understand their staff. It means they can effectively design and devise strategies that are sure for success. This increases management performance and cuts the costs of trial and error. In return, it improves employee experience and employee engagement to a whole lot better.

2. Alignment with Company Values

Based on the difference in liking, every employee will have a different point of view. Due to this, sometimes your values or rules may not be beneficial or favor the majority of your workforce. Here, you must avoid the concept of one-shoe-fits-well.

Employee persona helps you look into this matter. By knowing your employee behavior, you can design better plans that will suit your entire workforce without favoring any section of it. This is possible through segmenting employees into manageable groups.

3. Hiring

Understanding worker persona can also help you in hiring an ideal candidate. This is because the cultural fit of a new hire is as important as his/her competency. Examining the different personas at the office will help you understand who will thrive in your environment.

Here, creating employee persona will help make you an effective hire to sit well with the existing workforce. It is crucial as it helps maintain a harmonious and positive working environment.

4. Employee Journey Mapping

Employee Journey Mapping is essential to ascertain for all HR teams. Gaining insight into personas can help you design a better walkthrough. It is through the means of understanding what a person likes/dislikes and career goals set accordingly.

5. Better Leadership

Personas at a workplace also enlighten you about the different challenges and pain points of a workforce. Capitalizing in these makes for better leadership in an office. It is because correcting these issues makes for better employee satisfaction in the workplace.

Once these issues are determined, it becomes relatively easy for management to act on it. By knowing the working staff well, they can also ascertain what will work best.

These are just a few of the importance of examining the different personas at work. Other than these, there is also so much more you can achieve through proper employee persona building.

Now that we understand the importance, let's have a look at the typical employee personas at office.

Common Employee Persona in an Office

1. Educator

This persona fits a person who has in-depth knowledge of a field. He/she is best suited for fact-checking and is very reliable. Other than that, this person stays updated with the latest news in his/her field of expertise.

They love to form connections with team-members and supply continuing support.

2. Researcher

The researcher is a persona motivated with programs of professional training and career development. They thrive in a challenging environment that requires specialized knowledge in a field. People in this personas are highly motivated with recognition for progress in the workplace.

3. Mentor

This persona is the brand of positivity in the workplace. A mentor likes to motivate others, see them succeed, and maintain optimism in the workplace. They love sharing knowledge, nurturing others, and have excellent communication skills.

A mentor is useful for constructive feedback and guidance to help employees settle in. They also help in determining where a training program will fit well for better future performance.

4. Creator

People of this persona don’t like routine work and seek new ways to better things in the workplace. In today’s business world, they make great leaders and are highly-motivated with rewards for their innovations.

This persona is better suited to problem-solving and product/service creation and modification. A creator would thrive in these situations given the challenging work environment nature.

5. Networker

As the name suggests, this group loves to network. They are useful in building a brand image and customer base. A networker would always say yes to a business trip or any opportunity to connect with new people.

They possess a great deal of insight into the people involved in specific fields.

6. Visionary

A visionary is a principal figure in a company’s progress. He/she can look forward and plan goals for the betterment of the company. This person is a very knowledgeable person with immense business sense in most cases. People in this category also love to work on projects autonomously.

7. Builder

A builder is someone who loves practical work. They are a hands-on bunch of knowledge and vision when it comes to complex tasks. Individuals of this persona are very aware of their surroundings and know how to visualize and improve on things.

8. Warrior

A person of warrior persona always makes a difference at work and seeks out purpose and meaning. They are very motivated of learning a new skill and mastering the existing ones. A warrior is always a great choice to lead a team and is excellent at team-building activities.

These are some of the typical personas at work. Understanding these will help you utilize and treat them well for the success of your company.


Every one of us is different. This sense of individualism is what brings life to a place. To be a great leader, you must understand this and act accordingly on it. Knowing different personas will help your organizations in ways unimaginable.

Be it employee engagement, employee retention, reduced absenteeism, job satisfaction, you name it. The opportunities are unlimited.

For achieving this feat, a proper study on employee persona will help you a ton.

This article is written by Jyoti Prakash Barman. He is an in-house Content Marketer at Vantage Circle with interests in music and automobiles. For any related queries, contact

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