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Employee Involvement: Why it Matters in Every Organization

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Last Updated on 28 January, 2021
Employee Involvement: Why it Matters in Every Organization

Steve Jobs once said, “It doesn't make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.”

Hiring the best talents is not enough. To mold them according to your organizational needs is crucial. Employees' skills, expertise, knowledge and experience add a lot of value to any organization. But to bring the best in them, it is critical to involve your employees and practice a culture of collaboration.

Employee Involvement

Employee involvement is when your employees are encouraged to actively take part in the management and decision-making meetings of an organization. It is the process of keeping the employees aligned with the organization’s values and work ethics and to actively getting them involved to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

Involving the employees usually gives them more autonomy for better performances and thereby, helping them to reach their full potential. Achieving full potential will mean that your employees will eventually love to work for you. And that itself is great news and furthermore involvement will make them more loyal towards the organization. Hence, increasing retention and reducing turnover.

Employee involvement can be achieved with the help of employee involvement programs, open-communication, suggestion boxes, selective participation and more. This will help the employees to be more productive at their jobs and also become more responsible for their actions.

Here is a list of why employee involvement matters in every organization

1. Increase in Productivity:

It's a psychological fact, when we do a task or any job with more dedication and involvement, we become more clear at our thought process. We bring more awareness, handle the situation with much ease and keep our mind calm.

The first thing employers want from their employees is productivity. Therefore, it would be absurd to not tap the buttons which can increase productivity. And employee involvement is a factor that you cannot ignore.

When employees are involved, they act more clearly, make calculated decisions, strategize their work and also bring more enthusiasm to their jobs. This results in an increase in productivity and overall growth of the organization.

2. Enhanced Morale:

Employee morale is the overall attitude, emotion and satisfaction of employees towards their jobs and workplace environment. And these aspects cannot be fulfilled when your work culture does not give any emphasis on employee involvement.

Employees with high morale stay motivated and work towards the organization’s goals. They maintain a healthy relationship with anyone they come in contact with. They complete their tasks more effectively.

Employee involvement boosts employee morale and makes employees involved both emotionally and psychologically. An employee with high morale are more engaged, happy and enjoy their work.

3. Healthier Relationships:

One of the important keys to success is having a positive and friendly relationship with your employees. Without a transparent relationship in the organization, miscommunications are bound to happen. This leads to hindrance in the progress towards success.

Involvement gives everyone the perfect opportunity to share their knowledge which also encourages to improve the relationship between managers and employees. This opens up the idea of accepting each other's ideas and makes the workplace a better place.

4. Commitment Towards the Organisation:

A learning environment includes those with good training programs, modules that increase employee skills, employee advocacy and employee branding. But it also consists of an environment which has a collaborative exchange of ideas and thoughts in the workplace.

Employee feedback is one medium through which you can provide an opportunity for your employees to involve themselves in organizational decisions. This will help you to understand the necessary changes which they want so that they can perform well.

When you listen to them and help them perform better they become more loyal and committed to the organization and help you build a strong future.

5. Innovative Thinking:

When your employees' are actively involved in your executive meetings, you will be able to keep them in a loop. A loop where they will be constantly updated about the developments and the necessary steps taken by the organization for a better bottom line.

Employee involvement makes employees feel truly a part of the organization. And when this happens they become more responsible about their work and push themselves to find better results. This enhances the possibilities of innovative thinking and ideas to tackle problems in the workplace.

Thus, as an employer, you should give your employees the liberty and space to come up with new thoughts so that they can keep you on a competitive edge. And also provide you with new ideas that can affect the organization in a positive manner.

6. Managing Change Better:

As an employer, you have to be open to change and accept the challenges that come with it. In today’s competitive and dynamic environment you have to be unique and which will keep you in the upper hand. And the organization that adapts to changes quickly are likely to be front runners.

When you involve employees in important company issues, you open yourselves to new ideas and views. It helps you to foresee future changes and deal with it better when the time comes. You get to know everyone's perspectives and it gives you a broader sense of vision that benefits everyone.

Rather than discarding the change, involving employees in decision making will help you in welcoming it.

Summing it Up:

I hope the above listing gives you insights on employee involvement and why it's important for every organization.

The world of business is taking a shift and therefore, it is very critical to understand how taking some effective measures and adapting your culture with time can be a wise choice.

And one such choice is employee involvement.

Therefore, involve your employees and build a work culture of collaborative workforce for better growth and success.

Mrinmoy Rabha is a content writer and digital marketer at Vantage Circle. He is an avid follower of football and passionate about singing. For any related queries, contact