Employee Assistance Program: What it is and the Benefits

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Employee Assistance Program: What it is and the Benefits

The corporate world is evolving and changing at an incredible pace. It is modernizing in such a way that employees are finding it hard to cope up with the pressure which has drained them in the long run.

However, to help employees with all the pressure mentally and physically, organizations are implementing employee assistance programs. Such programs have helped organizations to reduce turnover rates and increase productivity as a whole.

What are Employee Assistance Programs or EAPs?

Employee Assistance Programs are those which help employees to deal with their personal and professional issues which negatively impact their job. It is a counselling and consulting program where employees put forward the problems they are facing. And in return the right set of solutions are provided by experts. Not only does it help employees psychologically but it also helps them improve their engagement levels in the long run.

Assistance can be of various forms like financial help, work relationships, performance booster and a lot more.

Why Employee Assistance Programs?

Supporting your employees is always a crucial part if you want to build an influential company culture. And you can enhance your efforts if you can implement EAPs in your organization. The main features of an ideal EAPs are listed below-

  • Accessibility- EAPs can be accessed online. These programs provide an online platform where employees can log in and get access to various podcasts, videos and interactive programs according to their needs.

  • Availability- These programs are available to employees 24x7. Employees can talk with experts through texts, emails almost instantly and get help whenever they want.

  • Confidential- One of the most essential and crucial elements of these programs is that it keeps your employees anonymous. No person will be able to breach any information about others which is always a driving factor of any program.

  • Secure- Anonymity is what people want, and this program makes it sure that everyone stays anonymous. This increases the credibility of the program and employees are more driven towards using such programs.

Benefits of Employee Assistance Programs

1. Reduced Absenteeism

The well-being of employees should always be a prime focus of organizations. However, if that is something an organization is missing out, then your employees will feel less valued and will try to skip work. No organization wants a situation which will create future problems.

To reduce absenteeism, organizations can implement Employee Assistance Programs where employees can raise their concern. This will not only help automate the process, but it will also help the organization in pinpointing every employee’s concern. Thus, helping them out in every step whenever needed and maintaining their well-being.

2. Increased Productivity

Distraction from personal or professional problems is the primary productivity killers of your employees. They become less motivated and creative at work which impedes the flow of work.

However, to increase the productivity of employees, an organization can opt for EAPs. These programs help an employee in taking care of all the difficulties they tend to face personally and professionally. Be it the challenges at work, financial help or conflicts within the workspace. Thus, reducing unnecessary distractions and helping them focus more on their jobs.

3. Positive work environment

A working environment where employees are stressed is not a healthy environment. Productivity drops and employees tend to leave organizations with such environments, which is never a good sign for any organization.

On the contrary, if your organization has a working environment where employees are less stressed, then they are more bound to be loyal and have better concentration. There are numerous factors to this and one such factor is the implementation of Employee Assistance Programs. These programs assist a troubling employee by providing support with the issues that they are facing. This results in the change in mood and reduction in stress levels, thus affecting other employees as well in a positive manner.

4. Less turnover

Turnover has always posed a significant threat to organizations in the corporate world. It costs the company a considerable amount of money which impacts the revenue and market presence in the long run.

However, turnover can be reduced if an organization can seriously heed the problems faced by employees. This is where EAPs come into place to make things easier for organizations. Not only it helps to point out the issues faced by employees but it also provides the necessary solutions. This makes job easier for both the employers and employees. Thus, resulting in reduced turnovers as employees will feel valued that the organization is taking the essential steps to deal with the problems.

5. Improves Morale

You might have employees in your organization who performed well and all of a sudden their morale and quality of work dropped. If they are struggling to lift up their confidence and morale, then your employees might be facing some significant hurdles in their life.

In such circumstances, EAPs play a significant role in clarifying the problems that your employees might be facing. Once you get a better understanding of their issues with the help of EAPs, you will be able to assist them in solving it. This not only improves your employees’ morale, but it also increases their working capabilities.

Summing it up

The program will take time to become successful within the organization. But it is also an asset that helps employees deal with their everyday problems that provide an opportunity to boost their morale and productivity. At the end of the day, the workspace should be a place where every employee feels at home and look forward to being their best.

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