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From Clicks To Converts; Maximize Your Digital Advertisement Outputs In 2022

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“There’s never been a better time to be in advertising, and there’s never been a worse time.” – Aaron Reitkopf

If you feel that the above statement makes too much sense, you are not in a stranded boat.

In this epoch of aggressive yet convenient advertisement campaigns, it's easier to get lost, now more than ever.

One must implement a practical and thought-out process to foster your online presence and ultimately gain prospective customers to see your conversion rate go through the roof.

In the earlier form of televised or print advertising or any other kind of offline advertisement, your task was limited to creating compelling content, and then all you had to do was to sit and hope for the ship to sail through.

We love digital advertisement because you can do so much more than your plain vanilla offline advertising.

You can check your click-through rates, monitor activities, and plan out your future endeavors, all in real-time! This means you can modify your content in real-time and don't have to create new content from square one if your digital marketing campaign is not driving results.

While the prospects of digital advertisement seem drooling, we need to wary of our methodology while implementing the same.

We here at Vantage Circle have gone through with our clients and have listed a few strategies that worked for them to help you in your endeavors.


This is the numero uno factor that will contribute to your success.

You might have an idea of what and how you are about to go through your campaign based on your previous endeavors, but taking the time to do a thorough research is of utmost importance.

You should be prepared for the worst setback in case if your online ads expectation goes south.

You must prepare ahead of time and use your research to bolster your internet advertising further.

We have learned from our research that people are happy to pay for the display ads and like to watch the views and clicks roll in.

Even if the clicks and views are from individual tangential to the product or service, they are promoting. Most platforms allow you to target your advertisement to prospect.

Our advice here is to do in-depth research on your prospective customers. Your gut instinct might tell you about your possible clients, but you should take time to determine which potential consumers are more likely to spend more upon clicking the ad.

Here's the golden quote by digital marketing guru Neil Patel,

Don't optimize for conversations; optimize for revenue.


It is no surprise that compelling messaging is essential.
With any digital ad, the message is the core part of communication between advertisers and consumers.

With the plethora of content online, you have just a few seconds before the consumer scrolls below or opens another tab. Within that window of a few seconds, you have to make sure that your prospective consumer clicks your ad.

Sticking to a message that invokes emotion or encourages the consumer to click will sail your boat through.

It means conveying the value proposition for many brands, broadcasting their brands' ideas, or displaying an irresistible incentive, all in a short yet fascinating message.


Here is an excellent example of sharp messaging by JBL. Along with including a compelling message, they have also used the product's image, which increases the chances of clicks.

This example also illustrates the importance of proper imagery.

3.Target Audience

This is probably the most crucial part of your digital advertisement endeavors. You cannot sell your service or product if you don’t know your target audience. More so if you don’t advertise at the right place.

Finance companies like Paisabazaar know that they will cater to an audience of corporate, good salaried employees here at Vantage Circle.

Vantage Circle provides employee purchase programs for corporate. Vantage Circle has over 1 million corporate employees registered with itself, and it is one of the largest platforms for corporate employee benefits and corporate employee engagement programs in India.

Thus their digital advertisement initiative has seen good ROI because of their niche advertising.

A more generic company that hopes to cater to a very general market is better off if they invest in a social media platform.

It is also essential to understand which social networking site your audience is likely to spend their time on. You should have a defined target audience. Your knowledge of what they would like to do and what they want is vital so that you know how to create content that will make sure their attention is captured.

“Today it’s not about ‘get the traffic’ — it’s about ‘get the targeted and relevant traffic.’” – Adam Audette

4.Calls to Action

Whether it clicks here, buy now, book this table, it can be anything. Calls to actions are the visible option on your advertisement through which you want the user to take the next step.

If your digital advertisement is just an online reproduction of a print ad, i.e., it doesn't provide any visible calls to action option in your ad. Your conversion will likely be low.

When selecting the CTA, your language should be relevant to the brand, product, or service and should be completely obvious to the user.
Anything ambiguous will confuse the user. Upon clicking, if the user ends up on-site that doesn't meet their expectation, conversion from a prospect to a buyer will be difficult.

It is also of utmost importance you have designated landing pages.
That means upon clicking your banner ad, the user should end up on the sales page and not the homepage of your website. This will help channel conversion.

Users generally won't search your site for the item they're looking for. A designated landing page will increase your chances of conversion and provide the best user experience.


In the above example, Apple has done an excellent job by including a clear call to action "button." They have also nailed the message displayed in the ad. The ad is compelling and motivates the user to click.

5.Leverage Facebook

Facebook has allowed the custom of word to mouth to a whole new unprecedented level. The future of branding is personal. We cannot ignore the relevance of social media advertising.

Facebook has a great marketing platform that enables businesses to advertise to particular target markets according to their choices, very quickly and without cashing out a massive load of money.

Even with a modest investment, you can reach your clients and get them on board.
Facebook and other social media can be powerful advertising tools if used correctly.


This photo Ad by the New York Times is driving traffic in its article by including an exciting illustration.

Anyone with a meager interest in health and fitness will be interested in clicking because of the cartoon, which pokes just enough fun to get their attention.

“Content is fire. Social media is gasoline.” – Jay Baer

6.Measuring and Remeasuring

Lastly and one of the most underrated and undervalued aspects of digital advertisement, measuring your ad’s performance in real time.

Analyze your campaign as to maximizing what works and chucking out what doesn’t and acting accordingly because these metrics have deep implication on the final conversion rate.

One way of achieving this is through A/B testing.

A/B testing is basically a way of testing two variants of the same variable by testing the subject's response to both the variants and statistically determining the more effective of the two.

In A/B testing, you take your ad and modify it to create a second version of the original. The changes can be anything, from a mere change in the background color or headline to a complete remapping of the advertisement.

A certain amount of your traffic, according to your strategy, is fed the original advertisement, the control ad, and the rest will be displayed your new revamped ad.

As your traffic is served with both the control and variation, their engagement is measured and analyzed using a statistical engine and analytics dashboard.

You should incorporate A/B testing because it is a cost-effective method of increasing your conversion rate. Also, A/B testing completely data-driven and leaves no room for guesswork.

Final Touches

There is no denying the effects of a properly implemented digital advertisement, but you have to keep in mind to always re-evaluate your strategies and constantly testing and retesting your campaign.

Without monitoring properly, the likelihood of a successful ad campaign is very less.
You should also be wary of mobile advertising. The display ad must be compatible with mobile devices.

We have seen quite a few times that the advertiser pays a huge load of money for the display ad, implements it beautifully only to link it to an unresponsive page. This is the result of half-hearted efforts and research. If the guidelines for proper digital advertisement is not followed to a considerable extent, then the chances of your ad achieving success are very small.

Was this guide useful in your digital advertisement endeavors? What more points do you think that we could have covered in our guide? Do let us know in the comment section!

This article is written by Iftekar Ahmed. He works as a Content Creator and Digital Marketer at Vantage Circle. When he is not playing guitar or solving puzzles, he is often seen fussing over foods he can't eat because he is on a perennial dieting spree. For any related queries, contact