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Corporate Culture Trends for 2021

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Last Updated on 28 January, 2021
Corporate Culture Trends for 2021

The year came to an end with all the hustle and bustle of the business world.
In the midst of all these there we could see a huge emphasis on building an efficient organizational culture. A culture that will not only make them stand out from others but will also likely give them a competitive edge.

Every organization has its own corporate culture, which defines how things are done within the company. It mainly comprises the values and beliefs that an organization works around. A good and positive culture is likely to direct you towards the direction of success. However, if your company culture is not on the positive side, then it is going to harm you severely in the long run.

It is pivotal that you indulge everyone from the top management to middle management when discussing and planning out your corporate culture. Doing this will not only help you table everyone’s perspective, but it will also help you devise a suitable culture.

In this article, I will be talking about strong corporate culture trends that will help you in 2020.

Corporate Culture Trends 2020

1. Prioritizing Employee Engagement

Along with everything that keeps on revolving around the corporate world, employee disengagement is the main issue that is being faced by many. We can admit that at a certain point in time, every employee engagement solution that worked previously came to a halt in one way or another.

The next step to solving such a critical issue is by continuing to reinvent employee engagement strategies and devising all the available plans about employee engagement in 2020.

Try to focus on the shortcoming and roadblocks of your employee engagement programs and come up with smarter solutions.

Another thing that you can do is create an organizational culture that will be employee-centric. Such perceptions can be created by continually providing feedback, functional training programs, autonomy to employees, and much more.

Your sole goal should be able to increase employee engagement without breaking any fundamental company policies.

2. Flex schedules

Companies have started to realize the fact that crunch schedules at work are always going to end up with employees being unproductive and get succumbed to burnout.

Employees need some time off and a schedule that allows flexibility in their work. With flexible schedules in the organization, your employees will be able to maintain their work-life balance. Make out time for their family and friends and do much more in their personal life.

When there is a flexible schedule in place, your employees are going to be satisfied with their jobs, and retention becomes easier for organizations.

Here is an eye-opening statistic to emphasize on incorporating a flexible schedule within the organization: 80% of employees would prefer flexible work options if there were no negative consequences.

3. Benefits that matter

It is a well-known fact that every company culture includes benefits for its employees. But how effective and meaningful those benefits turn out to be, depending on you as a manager and a leader.

It is vital to plan out the right benefits package for your employees to increase engagement and productivity. Although organizations have emphasized more on it, somehow, they have struggled to pick out the best benefits that turn out to be successful.

And with the rise of millennials in the workplace, it has become quite crucial that you choose the benefits that help them in the steady growth of their career and their personal lives as well.

So, you should focus more on providing the benefits that matter and are useful in 2020.

4. Emphasizing on Psychological Safety

The term psychological safety was first coined by Amy Edmondson, a professor from Harvard Business School in 1999.

She defined psychological safety as feeling comfortable in your team and being more open about admitting mistakes, speaking without being embarrassed and clear about trying out new things.

Although the concept is new to many organizations but incorporating, it is very crucial because it results in high performing teams and encourages bonding on goodwill. Not only that, it helps employees to become more open to ideas, innovation, and team discussions so that there is never a pause in the productive workflow.

It is a healthy practice that keeps everyone in the organization transparent and where learning is encouraged in every step.

5. Mindfulness in the workplace

Mindfulness is about accepting and understanding one’s feelings, thoughts, bodily sensations, and not being judgemental about it. It is a healthy practice to reduce stress in the workplace and to be more productive. And that is something that you need to take into consideration as your corporate culture while stepping towards 2020.

It is a concept that has transcended over time, and the main point of mindfulness is to focus more on your physical sensations, thoughts, and emotions without making any assumptions.

The most prominent way that you can practice mindfulness at your workplace is through meditation programs. Not only does it help to calm your employees mind, but it also helps them to relax physically as well. Resulting in less stress and improved positive psychological energy in the workplace.

6. Equality in the workplace

Inequality is unfavorable treatment at work or being more biased towards one employee. Not only does it harm your reputation, but it also portrays that there is something wrong with the culture within the organization. This results in reduced employee morale and eventually an employee leaving the organization.

However, if equality is practiced, then it is likely that your organization is going to have a higher retention rate.

Equality is always not about abolishing biases; it is also about understanding and valuing diversity in the workplace. When there is mutual respect going on in the company, not only it increases bonds within teams, but it also enhances employee morale.

Hence, it is high time you emphasize more on equality in terms of work and diversity as well — a trend to look up for 2020 and incorporating it in your work environment.

7. Employee Experience

Owning a business is not always about profits, revenue, and marketing. It is also about taking care of your most valuable assets, your employees. The experience which they will get while working for your organization will reflect on how to go on about their work every day.

According to the Deloitte survey, 80% of HR and business leaders said that employee experience is significant to them.

Your employees must experience the best during their tenure in your organization. There are many practices that an organization can achieve a fantastic employee experience.

However, it all comes down to the leaders on what ways they are going to opt to provide the best for their employees. Good employee experience has a positive impact on employees’ levels of engagement and productivity. It is one of the factors that your employees will want to work for you every day.

8. Focusing more on Development

With the increase of millennials joining the corporate workforce, providing benefits is always not enough. They are the future of your organization and will require something out of the box to retain them. They are young, energetic, innovative, and are always on the lookout for developing their skills each day.

Providing the right tools for development is essential so that your employees have the right opportunities for growth.

With proper developmental programs in place, your employees will be more satisfied with their jobs increasing your retention rates. Higher retention rates will eventually result in increased employee morale and enhanced engagement within the organization.

Hence, improving your bottom line and setting a perfect example of an ethical culture.

Summing it Up

Employees and management teams need to be on the same boat to achieve a successful culture. They need to be synchronized in a way that the organizational culture works for everyone without any hiccups.

And now that 2020 is here, let this be the start of a company culture that is prosperous, where collaboration and learning are given top priority along with employees’ well being.

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