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Founded in 1996 in Amsterdam, is a travel e-commerce company.

No, it's not an ordinary one. It's one of the biggest in the world. Built on data-driven innovation, they have the world's most extensive collection of incredible places to stay in. They offer more than 28,000,000 total listings in 229 countries and territories worldwide.

Challenges faced by

Even though had a global presence in the travel e-commerce industry, making an entry into the fierce Indian market was always a challenge.

Crowded with already trusted Indian brands in the market, faced the same challenges faced by foreign brands. Branding or rather, in this case incorporating their already established brand image in the Indian market.

On top of that, focused more on a premium range of travel destinations and places to stay in. That increased the complexity in attaining a very niche, well-salaried target segment.

Why Vantage Circle was the preferred solution

The problems had an obvious solution.

Target the segment of well salaried corporate employees. For this purpose, it was a no-brainer that had to go for an employee engagement platform.

But the problem was which one? needed a platform that had with itself a large number of corporate employees. Along with that, It also required large numbers of brands onboard for better usability, convenience, and accessibility.

Vantage Circle was the ideal solution in more than one way.

Few factors that need to be taken into account regarding employee engagement platforms are

  • The Associated Merchants
  • Local And Indigenous Connections
  • Exclusivity And Relevancy Of Your Discounts
  • Duration Of The Contract

Vantage Circle ticks all the boxes

Vantage Circle has over 1,000,000 employees onboard. This massive pool of employees needs a constant flow of sales or bookings in this case. To maintain a healthy platform, we have over 250+ brands onboard with us.

Vantage Circle has helped become a relevant player in the Indian market by establishing its brand name.

How The Marketing Was Done

  • Listing On App And Website.
  • Ad Banners On The Site And App.
  • Mobile Ad Notification.
  • Pop-Ups.
  • Non-Exclusive Mailers.
  • Display Ads In Infosys And SLK. has been able to do about 50 bookings per month with Vantage Circle.

They get the highest amount of sales traffic from New Delhi.

" Vantage Circle helps us focus targeting to relevant Target Groups."
Kshitij Talwar, Business Development Head, is one of the many success stories of our brand collabs. For a detailed insight visit our solutions page here

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