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Attention Bargain hunters!

Presenting to you our brand new Compare & Shop section. We promise this will make your online shopping much faster and convenient.


Here you can compare prices of products across a wide array of categories like Mobiles & Tablets, Computers & Accessories, Storage, Cameras & Accessories, Home Appliances & Entertainment, and Personal Grooming.

We have done all the hard work- collected and compared product information based on price, features, and sellers across your most loved online sites. Sit back, relax and continue online shopping with us as we guarantee you the best price along with our special cash back (Vantage Points!)


So, what our users will get through this compare and shop section is –

1. All in one Place – From now on no more hoping from one site to another, our Price compare section has everything in one place. Compare your desired products across a wide array of categories, suppliers and buy anything then and there. We have already handpicked each and every product from all relevant sites and have it ready for you in a single place.


2. Get Benefited from Vantage Points –Shopping in our site also gives you the benefit of earning Vantage Points (1 Vantage Point = 1 Rupee). When you are actually looking for a best and cheaper product, you will be getting it with cash back in terms of Vantage Points.

3. Get the Best Price – Your search for the best bargain ends with our site. Our Compare and Shop section helps you find products with best and the cheapest price.


4. Additional details – You might not always look for the cheapest product, but also the extras, like shipping costs, the service commitments and the reputation of the retailer, before deciding to buy – that’s where our Compare and Shop section comes into play.

5. Hot products and spot trends – Our price comparison section picks out best-selling items and features popular products. By spotting trends and hot products you can make sure you are buying the right goods and getting benefited.

Compare and shop with us, get the best value for your hard earned money.

Be privileged always with us.




vcopentoall (1)


We recently decided to expand our horizons by granting access to the elite site to all the corporate employees across India. This has been a big leap for all of us at Vantage Circle and this has shown a significant rise in the number of corporate users wanting to use our exquisite portal, that brings together a bouquet of exclusive offers, discounts, and cash-back rewards!

With top IT companies like Infosys, HCL, Wipro, Capgemini, Deloitte, Tech Mahindra joining hands with us; we now aim to march towards each and every corporate employee in India and open gates to the world of tailored privileges and countless cash-back opportunities! The recent tie up with EXL (Business Process Solutions) is surely a testimony of our hard work.

At zero cost to organizations and corporate employees, we assure that Vantage Circle surely is India’s best privileged platform for working professionals!

Come Join Us, Be Privileged Always!


2. Enter your corporate email address:
3. Using the registration link in the email you can enter your company and personal details:

My Vantage Homepage

So, you may have wondered many times that what exactly would you do with the My Vantage page on our website! Well, we were busy figuring it out on how we could make this page effective and useful for you. 

And voila, the page is now ready! We thought of making it into a space where you get a glimpse of everything on the site. This page gives you quick access to everything on our website – exclusive deals, online deals, card deals, red carpet, and Vantage Points! Not only does it give short cuts to reach various deals but it also displays the most downloaded offers across the website. 
Here’s what My Vantage page has got for you:

  • The best deal available for the day, we call it the FLASH DEAL. We flash it, you GET IT by clicking on it!


  • A dashboard that shows your available Vantage Points, and quick short cut to My Vantage Points section to redeem your points. It also shows links to various microsites to earn Vantage Points and rewards by participating in quizzes, surveys, and contests available on the Red Carpet page


  • We also show you here, exclusive deals that are best sellers in your organization and a list of best brands based on the total number of voucher downloads



  • The Latest Exclusive Deals section shows you newly added deals on the site giving a quick access to offers from various categories


  • The Latest Red Carpet Brands section gives you a list view and short cut to reach various red carpet brands


  • At the bottom, we show you a list of all the Latest Online and Card Deals available across the website.

latest_card latest_online

We will further work on this page to make it more user intuitive and ensure that our homepage offers everything at one place to make your search faster and easier!

Our coolest Android app version goes LIVE!

Today we are excited to release our new version of the Android app.

In this version we’ve completely overhauled our popular Android app and baked in some exciting new features. Our goal was to create an app that people want to use — not have to use!

New features include the following:

1.  Deals are now clickable in the Vantage Circle emails and once clicked, the corresponding deal will open up in our mobile app.


2. Our app is white labelled for InfyGold+, HCL Cuts and Offers, Erideals, GE Employee Advantage, Wipro Advantage, Mydeals@capgemini, TechMahindra Privilege and also for various other Employee Privilege Platforms in India.


3. Another cool feature that we are serving is an app to app communication happening between our app and the Flipkart app.

This means that for Online deals, it gets even easier to avail Vantage Points. When a Vantage Circle app user clicks to get  a Flipkart deal, he/she will be redirected to the respective product page in the Flipkart app and once a purchase has been made, Flipkart will track it and we will award Vantage Points depending on the order amount and item category.


4. We have completely changed the way filter works in our app,  making it easier for users to precisely zero down to the deals they are looking for!


5. A new section “My Vantage Points” has been added to the left hand navigation.  A quick glance and the users will know how many Vantage Points they have as well as the Debit/Credit history of the points .


Currently, in order to redeem Vantage Points, a user has to login to the web. We plan to add this feature in the next release of the mobile app as well.

Popular options from the past version remain, only that we have made them better and faster, including real time information of the deals as per user location with Google Maps enabled navigation. Infinity scrolling  of deals is happening at a lightning speed :)

Existing users can install the update  from Google Play for Android(versions 3.0 and above), though the app may automatically update depending on device settings.

New users can download it for free from the official Google app play store.

Google Play:

Try It, Rate It, We promise to make our apps even better!



The mobile app journey so far…

No more “Roti, Kapda aur Makan” are considered to be the bare essentials for living. For me and my generation, added to that list is “Mobile”! With a mobile in hand, we are like the super human beings who can do anything we wish to.

Mobile phones have today reached every nook and corner of India, and to enable our valued users, avail  the privileges, offered by Vantage Circle anywhere, anytime,  we have developed mobile apps for all three popular platforms in India – Android, iPhone and Windows.

Our mobile app development journey began about a year back, when we were looking at cross – platform frameworks to develop our mobile app and we stumbled upon Appcelerator Titanium. The learning curve of Titanium was steep but being based on JavaScript we were able to get a prototype out soon. We published our first version of both Android and iPhone app built on Titanium.

But soon we realised the huge percentage of Android users in India, and with a native Android developer joining the team, we decided to taste native land, switching over to developing the Android app in Java. Our Windows app, as well is developed using native C# in Visual Studio development environment. But for the iPhone app we are still leveraging the power of Titanium.


Vantage Circle is constantly striving to enhance its mobile apps, both in terms of appearance and  functionality, always with the aim of providing a  better experience to the users.

Very soon we will be showcasing our next version of the Android app which will have drastic UI changes catering to the changes introduced by the new Android 5.0 Lollipop release . A new much improved version of the iPhone app, will also follow suit  supporting the new iOS 8 SDK as well as the new bigger iPhones in town – iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus!

Try It, Rate It, We promise to make our apps even better!

To download our app please visit:

Google Play:


Windows Store:



Vantage Points – A great way to shop and earn at the same time!

With a lot of quizzes, surveys, and contests that allow our users to earn points on Vantage Circle website, we thought why not introduce a points system where users could utilize their earned points and buy online vouchers from their favorite brands, that too – without paying a penny. Vantage Points is where you go to reward yourself after a hard day’s play!

We also provide Vantage Points upon making successful purchases from various e-Commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart through Vantage Circle website. At present, we offer Vantage Points up to 15% of the transaction value when you shop through your employee privilege Vantage Circle portal. All this is in addition to the various discounts that are already running on our website!

Vantage Points are calculated on the basis of percentage against the total price of the products you purchase from our affiliate website. For e.g if you purchase a shirt costing 1000 INR at Amazon from clothing category, you will receive 150 Vantage Points. The points are processed as soon as we receive confirmation from our affiliate partners about your purchase. Every deal has its own percentage, and terms & conditions to receive Vantage Points. Kindly read the conditions to get appropriate points for your purchase.

vantage points_faq page

In order to know more about Vantage Points please visit our detailed FAQs section that answers all the queries which you may have.


Vantage Circle app for Windows phones!

With our continued investment on mobile technologies and effort to cater to broader user groups across Android, Apple, and Windows, we decided to work on our app for Windows users after successful launch of Android and Apple apps. Vantage Circle launched its Windows app mobile app very recently in the last week of November.

Vantage Circle is India’s leading employee advantage platform, and brings special offers and exclusives across various segments like restaurants, automobiles, travel, electronics, apparel, home products, kids etc. and all of it customized for YOU. Now get the best privileges handpicked from over 950 national and international brands, anywhere, anytime on your mobile device with the official Vantage Circle Windows Phone app.


Check out some of the cool things that our app can do:

Special Features:

  • User interface of the Windows app is in line with the usual Windows navigation style, making it easy for Windows users to interact with the app
  • An intuitive, user friendly interface that will enable signed-in users browse through multiple product categories and also do a quick keyword search.
  • Users can simply click on the “Get It” button and avail the coupon code and other details needed to avail the deal. No debit or credit card required!
  • An Online Deals section featuring India’s most loved brands such as Flipkart, Myntra etc. which are now just a button click away
  • A Card Deals section featuring deals not just for corporates but open to all, with information on the distance from the user and the location map.

Try It, Rate It, We promise to make it even better!

To Download our Windows App please visit:

Windows Store:


EXCLUSIVE DEALS improved for better!

Hello there!

One of the main highlights of Vantage Circle are the exclusive privileges for corporate employees. Exclusive Deals is one of the oldest features running on our platform since past few years. Over a period of time, we realized the need to improve various aspects of exclusive deals – user interface, search feature, quality of deals offered, number of brands catered, etc. We realized the need to present exclusive deals to our users in such way that they should be availed with minimum possible friction.

Thus, Vantage Circle’s technical and sales team brainstormed various ideas to implement exclusive deals in the most efficient and cost effective way. After tweaking in a lot of UI elements as well as improved deal offerings, our exclusive deals feature usage increased drastically by 50% in just 2 weeks!

And hence, we thought of unfolding some great features that make our exclusive deals special and which enhance your experience while you look up for your favorite deal on our website!

The top 6 features that make our exclusive deals really privileged:

  • We offer 10 or more distinct categories to pick exclusive privileges from – Restaurants, Electronics, Health, Spa and Salon, Accessories, Home, Travel, Automobile, Gifts, and Others.categories
  • The newly implemented location based filtering for your city of residence makes it extremely easy to look for offers that are closest to you. Our smart location based filter allows you to search only for those deals that are meaningful to you depending on where you are! There is absolutely no need to hunt down what you need from a pile full of deals – we make it quick, simple, and focused!


  • The interactive maps on the deals make it easier to look up for a restaurant or your favorite apparel store! Exact location details along with contact details allows you to quickly approach your favorite store!


  • Our detailed ‘How to Avail’ section covers every detail about availing the deal along with easy to understand terms and conditions which makes your experience only better while getting a deal.

how to avail

  • It is now simple to find related deals from the same brand just by scrolling to the bottom of the page of a deal!

more offers

  • You can also share your favorite deals with your family, friends, and colleagues either through Facebook or via email by providing multiple email addresses.


Oh, and did we mention that every deal presented to you on Vantage Circle is surely tailored to benefit the employees for your organization, and hence, you get to BE PRIVILEGED ALWAYS!

Visit Exclusive Deals :

Want a corporate privilege program for your employees? Please contact us at


Hello Folks!

For those who recently joined us here is a preview of our exclusive deals. We thought of talking about exclusive deals and help you understand better about how they work.

So, what are Exclusive Deals?


Vantage Circle has tie-ups with a large set of corporates across India and top brands that are recognized nationwide as well as internationally. With Exclusive Deals, Vantage Circle gives you an opportunity to benefit from our collaboration with your organization and the leading brands across various categories like Restaurants, Electronics, Travel, to name a few; all under one platform!

How does it work?

  • Exclusive Deals on Vantage Circle website can be availed through exclusive corporate membership offered by us.
  • Upon registration with corporate email address, members get full access to the exclusive privileges offered by various brands.
  • Look up for your favorite deal through various categories, click on Get It and use the voucher to avail the deal at your favorite merchant store. It can’t be simpler than this!


Oh, and did we mention that every deal presented to you on Vantage Circle is surely tailored to benefit the employees of your organization, and hence, you get to BE PRIVILEGED ALWAYS!

Visit Exclusive Deals :

Want a corporate privilege program for your employees? Please contact us at


Our Footprints on the Social Media!

For all those who love their social networking sites, can now follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Look out for some interesting campaigns which may run soon on these social networking platforms. Till then, Be Privileged Always!