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One of the main highlights of Vantage Circle are the exclusive privileges for corporate employees. Exclusive Deals is one of the oldest features running on our platform since past few years. Over a period of time, we realized the need to improve various aspects of exclusive deals – user interface, search feature, quality of deals offered, number of brands catered, etc. We realized the need to present exclusive deals to our users in such way that they should be availed with minimum possible friction.

Thus, Vantage Circle’s technical and sales team brainstormed various ideas to implement exclusive deals in the most efficient and cost effective way. After tweaking in a lot of UI elements as well as improved deal offerings, our exclusive deals feature usage increased drastically by 50% in just 2 weeks!

And hence, we thought of unfolding some great features that make our exclusive deals special and which enhance your experience while you look up for your favorite deal on our website!

The top 6 features that make our exclusive deals really privileged:

  • We offer 10 or more distinct categories to pick exclusive privileges from – Restaurants, Electronics, Health, Spa and Salon, Accessories, Home, Travel, Automobile, Gifts, and Others.categories
  • The newly implemented location based filtering for your city of residence makes it extremely easy to look for offers that are closest to you. Our smart location based filter allows you to search only for those deals that are meaningful to you depending on where you are! There is absolutely no need to hunt down what you need from a pile full of deals – we make it quick, simple, and focused!


  • The interactive maps on the deals make it easier to look up for a restaurant or your favorite apparel store! Exact location details along with contact details allows you to quickly approach your favorite store!


  • Our detailed ‘How to Avail’ section covers every detail about availing the deal along with easy to understand terms and conditions which makes your experience only better while getting a deal.

how to avail

  • It is now simple to find related deals from the same brand just by scrolling to the bottom of the page of a deal!

more offers

  • You can also share your favorite deals with your family, friends, and colleagues either through Facebook or via email by providing multiple email addresses.


Oh, and did we mention that every deal presented to you on Vantage Circle is surely tailored to benefit the employees for your organization, and hence, you get to BE PRIVILEGED ALWAYS!

Visit Exclusive Deals : https://www.vantagecircle.com/exclusivedeals/index

Want a corporate privilege program for your employees? Please contact us at https://www.vantagecircle.com/site/contactus

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